DrumKnee 3D Drums – Build your own custom drum set

[App] DrumKnee 3D Drums – Drum Set

DrumKnee 3D Drums

DrumKnee is the most realistic drums app. Now you can play the bass with your foot.

Perfect for on-the-go drumming! It is like having a real drum set in the palm of your hands.

Play drums, record, and share your songs with the DrumKnee 3D community.

DrumKnee is very different from any other app out there:
First of all, it is a well-polished real drum app in 3D (how cool is that?).
In addition, you get to trigger the bass sound with your foot. That’s right, just rest your phone/tablet on your knee and kick it!!
Mix and match the sounds so you can build your own custom drum set!!

Professionally recorded sounds.
Very low latency response. The best one out there. The delay between your tap on the screen and the sound is incredibly low.
It is the most realistic drums app. You will feel just like you are playing a real drum.
Cymbals are also chokable by holding your finger on them when played.
Play along with select drumless songs.
You can record your masterpiece and share it with friends.
There are many stylish skins for you to choose from.
Jazz/Funk drum set

DK Music is another feature available.
This service is a separate monthly fee that allows you to download drumless tracks directly to the app to play along with.

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DrumKnee 3D Drums user reviews :
The drums themselves are fair to good, but they try to get your credit card info before you even get to see the drums. If you trick the app you can play them and the functionality and control options are better than average, but without a paid subscription virtually nothing is functional. I played it for 3 minutes and uninstalled it. There are other apps that less intrusively haggle you that are even more functional

Works nicely, but the Android version doesn’t seem to have MIDI, which makes it less useful to me. I bought the iOS version as well, where midi works perfectly, but now I regret spending on the Android app. I hope it will be fixed in a future update though.

False advertising. In the sense that. What you see is not what you get… Click download for the knee kick drum… The big draw to this app…ohhhh but whaddya know. You have to purchase PRO to get the knee kick feature…. Clearly says nothing of this looking at the app …

  • Hi Steven, the knee kick drum is free to all users. All you have to do is go to the settings screen and turn on “allow kick with your knee”. Have you tried doing that?

five stars 100% because the whole kick drum with the leg on a cellular device that is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen and it keeps us drummers in shape and on top of our game thank you so much for the drummers that created this

best drum app out there I’ve tried THEM ALL for years and years and this is the best and I haven’t touched the options as of yet. thanks to the creators. Dave…

bro this is realistic the graphics are nice the sound of the drums amazing! keep up developers i know soon this game will become very good and famous thank u

its cool game but add a customization where you can put as many cymbals and drums you want

  • Hi Jason, have you tried using the pads? You can place them wherever you want, and assign any sound to it! Cheers, Paulo.

Best Drums App Hands Down !! Tried almost all the apps in Playstore. No any app is even near to the level this App offers. Touch input is so responsive while playing by itself on phone speaker, no delay whatsoever, except for when the phone is connected via bluetooth to a speaker, there is significant delay or not playble at all. But that can be overcome by using an audio cable to the bluetooth speaker. That is the only downside. Other than that the App is almost perfect.

  • Thank you so much Robertson for the support! Glad you like the app. The Bluetooth technology is not quite there yet, so unfortunately there’s nothing I can do on my end, that’s why I always advice everyone to use wired headphones. Any issues, let me know! keep rocking

i like the sound of the drum sets but one thing i don’t like is it ask for a credit before we even see the drum sets

Good experience but free songs must be 30 of different genres pls do improvments

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