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Guitar3D StudioLearn guitar and compose music with the most realistic sampled sounds of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums & bass guitar.

Enjoy your perfect tuner and metronome while practising with your real guitar… Guitar 3D – Studio takes a completely different approach! Compose your own musics just in minutes and learn to play guitar with your own creations in 3D. Your 3D virtual guitar coach shows all you need in vivid details!

How it works?
Whether you are a beginner or experienced musician, simple and intuitive composing editor lets you create your songs just in minutes.

“If it sounds good and feels good, then it IS good” ― Duke Ellington

The virtual guitarist in Guitar 3D – Studio will play your composition, with correct hand and finger movements like a real guitarist or teacher is in front of you. With different 3D view options, you can see the fingers from all sides and observe both hands easily. You can also slow down the tempo in training mode.

Just follow these steps:
Choose your guitar. Acoustic, Electric(Clean) or Electric(Distortion)
Choose playing technique to learn/compose. Strumming, fingerpicking or picking(Rhythm guitar – Distortion)
Easily make a chord chain with powerful editor tools.
According to your preference, make combinations of plucking patterns with bass and drums patterns just in seconds.
Touch the play button and listen to your whole music. Share it if you like in different formats(G3D, WAV and MP3).

If you want to learn how to play your new song;
Choose a loop section in your song that you want to learn
Slow down the tempo and open guides in training mode
Take your guitar and start learning to play your own music by observing the virtual guitarist’s lifelike hand and finger animations. It is really fun!

Why Guitar 3D Studio?
Many good musicians are known and become popular with their own compositions. Trial and error takes musicians to higher levels of experience in their creative development. Guitar 3D Studio doesn’t make you memorize hundreds of popular songs, but helps you create your own musics and learn the essential techniques to be able to play millions of songs around the world.

Create, observe and learn
Guitar 3D Studio gives a similar to real teacher like experience to learners with it’s interactive 3D technology, what they can not get with any video tutorial or photo.

Ultra realistic sound!
An exclusive brand new audio engine is developed for Guitar 3D Studio. All real instrument samples are powered by Cutting-Edge Polygonium Audio Technology.

Learn with games
Chord learning and chord ear training is fun with different game styles.

Key features:
An exclusive brand new audio engine developed to get ultra realistic sound
3D Real-time interactive virtual guitarist to play users compositions
Acoustic & Electric guitars with real amp and distortion fx sounds sampled with different playing techniques
300+ Fingerpicking, strumming and picking patterns in total to compose/learn.
Bass and Drums pattern presets to compose
Automation recording for guitar, bass and drums combinations
Audio Mixer for guitar, bass and drums
Export/Share (G3D, WAV and MP3)
My songs library(import/share)
Chord learning and chord ear training games
Interactive 3D tutorials for chords, strumming, fingerpicking and picking
Left handed complete support
First-person camera options

All you need in one app! Take your production and guitar learning studio anywhere with you!

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Guitar3D Studio user reviews :

I have tried multiple times to purchase the full app and it never goes through. my payment methods are not the problem because it works for all my other apps. I tried sending an email and it wouldnt go through. I enjoyed the previous app more. So far this one has been upgraded to be complicated for no reason. Added restrictions that cant be upgraded because it won’t let you pay. Im currently frustrated with the app.

  • Hi Cameshea we have contacted Google about the issue and they resolved it.

I think this app will change the rules of guitar training in the near future and it will replace traditional guitar learning videos. Feels like a real guitarist is playing in front of me and I can see her fingers from any angle I like. Really amazing! I have not discovered all the features yet but I am very happy with lefty option and chord progression editor. This is the only app I found showing everything also for lefties including chord diagrams. Thank you for developing such a fantastic app!

  • Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at support[at] if you have any questions.

Wow! This is a fantastic app. When my guitar went out of tune, I didn’t realize this app also had a tuner, so I downloaded other guitar tuner apps, which are difficult to use and not user-friendly. I double-checked this app and discovered that it has a tuner. I used the tuner to correct my out-of-tune guitar and it easily got fixed.

  • Tuner, metronome and lots of other features are completely free! Thank you very much for your review! Have a nice day!

Very good and wonderful 3D based app for exploring the guitar in multiple views. Really helpful for beginners as well as experts. Hoping for further more innovative apps by polygonium team. Thank you!

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