Duck vs Chicken – Danger has come to the duck farm

[Game] Duck vs Chicken – Idle Defense

Duck vs ChickenProtect the ducks from the endless surge of crazy chickens!

Merge and equip stronger missiles!
Use comical ducks to drive out chickens!
Danger has come to the duck farm.

Crazy chickens are attacking because they want your farm of cute, funny ducks.
Merge and defend with the farm as the base.
Merge missiles and equip them onto the comical ducks.

Your comical duck companions will go into combat with you.
Help fight to protect the animal farm full of comical ducks!
Feel the cuteness of the goose from “Goose Goose Duck”
It has the kind of cute little charm as Among Us!
This game is very easy. You just have to do 3 things.

Enhance missiles!
Powerful missiles can set the stage!
Merge the same missiles to equip a stronger missile with a new form!
By merging, you can enhance it into a missile specializing in defense.

Obtain companions!
You can place goose-like duck teammates to launch missiles more comfortably!
Hire duck companions with new abilities like slow, knockback, stun, and more!

Enhance comical ducks that shoot missiles to push back the crazy chickens!
Upgrade companions specialized in assisting combat to enhance your strategy!

This game is a free game, so you don’t have to pay to enjoy it.
However, you can use in-app payment if you want to grow fast or get a strong peer duck immediately.

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Contact email :duck[at]

Duck vs Chicken user reviews :

Really weird balancing. You get more of one resource then you can use very early. Hate the RNG with red crystals which can hinder progress BIG TIME if you’re unlucky The ducks all have some ability which isn’t explained anywhere. Lastly, I reached the end even though after a few hours I only got on to do daily stuff (like the red crystals). The game makes it look like there’s more content currently then there is.

Big pro is no forced ads but I’ve been playing this game on and off for a few weeks. At first the progress is fast and you get diamonds easily and progress easily. After about the first 100 levels or so if you don’t spend money it slows down horribly, I’m at the point where it’s taking me days to progress some of the upgrades because of the rng eith the crystals and the gold can’t keep up with my upgrades. I got to 160 without spending money but at this point it takes days to progress.

This is genuinely a terribly designed game. The first 100-110 levels go by in a breeze without spending a dime. After that good luck with the RNG with dungeons trying to ever get the red crystals you need to upgrade your skills. Also have fun trying to afford the attack upgrades so you can still earn gems. It is very obviously a cash grab game once you get the first 100 stages done. Definitely do not reccomend playing this at all.

Really fun game, was a little disappointed with the lack of content. Beat stage 180 in 3 days, didnt even buy most of the packs and still beat it. I can see someone buying all the packs clocking it in 1 day. Also, a few bugs with talent tree system. Overall not a bad idle game. Ads only show when you want a reward with no forced ads which is a big plus for me.

Great game with some issues. I was loving it but, from one moment to the next, it bugged out and my ducks stopped attacking completely. I tried everything I could like swapping ducks but it wasn’t letting me. Restarting the app wasn’t helping. I deleted the app and redownloaded it, and it is now working, but I had to restart all the way from the begining, which sucks. Please look into it and add cloud saving so people don’t lose their progress. Otherwise, a great game overall!

The scaling in this game is sooooooo bad I have over 3 billion corn. It cost a few hundred just to upgrade a chicken. Corn is essentially useless as the scaling will take you so long to buy new heroes via the game’s in-built mission system. Good idea but at higher levels (140+) the rate you’ll go through missions is slow. Took me about a week one time to upgrade my skill enough to get more gems. Needs to be more features for unused resources like corn. It’s a merge game. Nothing groundbrkn

I liked the game but I’d like to be able to level money and get weapons when I’m not playing or even have them level even if it’s slow so I don’t have to have the game open to level them also can you lower the rate of the mage cuz that’s the only legendary I get unless I’m unlucky or you have a reason for it.

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