Idle Cannon – Get ready to test your tactical prowess

[Game] Idle Cannon – Tower TD Geometry

Idle CannonStep into the world of strategic brilliance and tower defense mastery!

Our game is a fusion of simulation, strategy, and tower defense with the added excitement of idle and gacha elements.

Build, defend, and conquer as you progress through challenging levels and unlock new territories. The idle feature allows you to play at your own pace, while the gacha system lets you collect and upgrade heroes to bolster your forces. If you’re a fan of deep strategy games with a twist, this is the game for you.

Get ready to test your tactical prowess in a game that blends simulation, strategy, and tower defense genres seamlessly.

Idle Cannon user reviews :

From what little ive played, the game is fun, but theres a bug on the temporary card screen where it just wont let me choose one, therefore locking me unable to play at all. The level selection screen also has a bug where its pretty much a 50/50 on if the side Quests, Rewards, etc. buttons work or not. I would love to play this game l, but please allow me With love, stranger

I want to rate it 4 star for now, because I found a bug that when you a new player and after the basic tutorial and you unlock the workshop. When you click the workshop and click to other thing like quest and even in the game you can’t pick a card because it didn’t pop up. I have to restart the game to be able to start. Please fix this issue

Feedback from a player whose spent way too many hours in ‘The Tower’: this is creative, but needs some work to take shine. Good: very creative use of cards, variety of levels/game modes, heros. UI is fun. Rewarded 4 more playtime. Bad: for a very recent release, fundamental quality of life features locked behind transactions. Max F2P game speed is x2. BOO! Potential: permanent upgrades are bare minimum, poor scaling for these as well. Players NEED to be able to change cards during game.

It’s a good idea, but there are three major problems that kind of ruin it for me. 1st, the English translation is pretty poor. 2nd, some basic cards either don’t work or don’t work as described. For example, one says it will give you 10% of your current silver at the end of each wave. I have never seen this work. 3rd, level scaling is way off. Level 1 is way too easy and takes no knowledge or leveling to just beat it. Level 2 takes a lot of grinding to be able to survive the first wave.

Its a really good concept for a tower defense fighter, but difficulty needs a fix BADLY From world 2-3 is an insane jump and there is barely anything that can be done to fix it other than grind world 2 again and again and slowly upgrade your defense stats (because those are basically the only ones that matter) Please adjust the difficulty between worlds, the gap of damage that the enemies do to you is wayy to much Other than that pretty fun and expansive, definitely a lot of potential

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. We will take note of your suggestion and look for possible implications as we make improvements to the game.

This game is so much fun and a masterpiece! Please keep working and add new stuff this game has alot of potential! You can also add can you please cool map backgrounds for the Grey floor? add new things to do events and more this game is awesome! Please if you can add the x8 battle speed option! This game is too addictive and much better then your other tower defense game! Please work on it amd keep it updated and up to date!!!

Very interesting and new concept of both idle and tower games , the game seemed very nice but i face one issue i am not able to select the “temporary card ” in the game, so the do process further(please help me) Over all the game is fun and amazing,

Concept is great, but it doesn’t work Can’t start playing, keeps saying equip a card, yet I’ve clicked every single card, none of them will equip. Closed the game and went back in multiple times. Just not working out.

basic research, upgrade, ult tower defense. There is a hero resource but completely blocked from progress until 1300 atk chapter 3, level 10 boss beat and ??? more after. So unless you get some paid boost you are going to play basic TD for days.

This is an awesome game and totally deserved this five star. The upgrades are awesome and the design for the bosses, abilities, and icons are all really cool and I think this game totally deserved this five star however there’s something called grammar and these people need to go back to 5th grade and learn it also some cards don’t work as promised

Great game, would recommend. This game let’s you access the NO ADs option very early which I purchased. I am extremely happy with that decision. The game is well worth it and it helps support the devs. Gameplay is straightforward it is an idle(ish) turret defense. You unlock cool ultimate abilities early on in the game.

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