Earn to Die Rogue – Zombie apocalypse is more dangerous than ever

[Game] Earn to Die Rogue

Earn to Die RogueDrive cars through the zombie apocalypse and loot infested buildings in this action-packed roguelite Earn to Die spinoff!

The zombie apocalypse is more dangerous than ever. New zombie and enemy threats have emerged and will do anything to hunt you down. Loot for supplies, find and upgrade cars, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Run and blast your way through zombie-infested buildings, earning power-ups and unlocking cars along the way. Collect loot to further upgrade and strengthen your hero!

Uncover abandoned cars and upgrade them into zombie-smashing machines. New cars, trucks, a sports car and even a hovercraft await. Don’t forget to equip spiked-frames and roof-mounted guns. Those zombies won’t know what’s hit them!

Clear each building to unlock all new post-apocalyptic locations, including an arid desert, an overgrown city, and a snow-covered military bunker. Uncover new types of zombies, bosses, and other enemies to blast your way through.

Enjoy crazy ragdoll physics as you send those undead creatures flying through the air. Time to armor-up and defeat those zombie hordes!

The zombies are after you and there’s no time to waste! What are you waiting for? Download now and blast your way to safety.

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Earn to Die Rogue user reviews :

It’s still under development, I can see that. Still It’s a pretty good game, the animations are smooth, no annoying pop up ads, and the new blood splatters and gore are reasonable. At start this might be difficult, but once you get the hang of it- its really fun to play. The game is well balanced in my opinion, and the overall platforming gameplay is pretty good, unlike the repetitive drive-die-repeat grind in the previous sequels. Driving physics are great from my experience. 10/10.

ETD 1 & 2 were simple yet great. While they were easy, it was visceral to plow through zombies at breakneck speed. ETD 3 was different, since it was an endless racer with an emphasis on using the right car for the right surfaces to get further. But still, it stayed true to the core of ETD for the most part. What do we get with Rogue? Hardly any of that, instead it’s a 2D Platformer with Rogue elements. In the first 2 hrs, I was only able to drive a car for 2 mins at most. Disappointing at best.

I don’t think this game is the same as the first two games. I mean the driving part is there so technically it is A ETD game, but it’s more like rougelite game. (I mean the game title explains it) If you want to enjoy the driving part of the game yeah it’s there but the problem is the upgrades, in order to upgrade your cars you need scraps, and to get scraps, you need to complete daily Misson which is very time consuming. Same goes for leveling up. Anyhow, good game, plz add more cars.

This game is an absolute masterpiece! Once it was released, the gameplay was very interesting for me, it involves challenging levels and progression. The game balance is very well and perfect! It’s important to balance the difficulty for players with varying skill level to not being overwhelmed or bored. Please do not remove old content that contains old easter eggs and old features, the game will be nostalgic for me in the future!

I expected this game to buy like other earn to die, but it seems this one is more centered in foot gameplay, and the cars are just for decoration mostly. But anyways, talking about the main gameplay, the runs feel almost always the same, there are many enemies and a good variety, but this game feels more like a DPS check more than anything. There are many powers you can get but most aren’t even interesting, and some are clearly better than others. I hope the developers add some kind of synergies

Like many other mobile games nowadays, predatory business practices are all over this game, and that’s a real shame. A lot of progression is locked behind timed prizes and paywalls, and the game pulls about every casino trick in it’s monetization, not giving much permanent value in it’s deals. Hopefully, that can be improved and dealt with some time soon, because once those issues are put aside, Earn To Die Rogue is a bloody solid game all around, and the gameplay loop is very, *very* fun.

A game that’s well made. Smooth gameplay so far and the animated sequel was awesome! It would be nice to know what happened to the previous survivors (especially the one that escaped from the exodus military base). There are generous amounts of rewards while going past through levels of the game and ads aren’t a problem as I play. I suggest that the joy stick should have an option to be fixed, will be looking forward to future updates! The devs deserves more credit for making these great games!

It’s a pleasure to make the first review on my favorite Mobile game series . All the mechanics of old earn to die but added with brotato style combat , I was sceptical at first but the execution is on point. No forced ads , but you can watch an ad for rewards 5/5 would recommend to a friend , wish they added multiplayer also but that’s a lot to ask for :D

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