Nevermore-M – With the immortal sword at your side

[Game] Nevermore-M – Idle Immortal RPG


Enjoy the thrill of adventure, uncover hidden truths, overcome difficult dungeons, and face constant challenges in this magical East-Asian metaphysical world, where you can fly and roam within the infinite clouds and endless deep seas. Customize your hero’s outfits to show off your sense of style, make more lovely friends along the way, form an eternal alliance with them, and get in on the action in this brand-new world by taking part in the many exciting PvP events available, such as Dungeons, World BOSS Contention, Clan Battles, and more!


Unlimited Sword Flight
With the immortal sword at your side, you can soar through the air at the speed of light, slay demons at will, and engage in the immortal air battle whenever and wherever you please, all while breaking through previously unconquerable distance barriers and opening up new possibilities for immortal cultivation!

Legendary BOSS Contends
Legendary Bosses wielding divine set gears charge in with all their might! This is a server-wide challenge, so players from any server can join in the challenge and compete for their fair share of loot drops. Summon your friends and don’t miss out on the thrill of competition and the chance to acquire the finest gear!

Skill Master Maneuvers
The game’s battle system makes use of the popular Quick Time Event (QTE) combo system, and it features tons of superb abilities that unleash an onslaught of mind-blowing scenes packed with nonstop action. But you’ll need deft control maneuvering to pull off the best combos and deal the most damage possible.

Variety of Dungeon challenges
As your quest progresses, you will venture into many uncharted regions, challenging perilous dungeons for mysterious loot. Depending on your choices, combat in each new region you discover could go one of two ways: dangerously or rewardingly!

Multiple options for Cultivation
This RPG goes beyond the norm by introducing a new cultivation system with elements like souls, realms, deities, divine warriors, and more. Players can even choose between two separate cultivation paths, divinization and demonization, allowing for more freedom in character progression and a higher maximum power total!

Become the Leader of the Immortals
In here, you can lead both immortals form the Western and Eastern mythology to fight against devil and rise to power in a new immortal world.

Nevermore-M user reviews :

To call this a ‘game’ would be a bit of a stretch. You do nothing but tap a couple of buttons and watch some not particularly great animations and that’s it. Bland gameplay, bland character designs, bad animations, not at all engaging, and to top it all off, I couldn’t ever progress past stage 10, no matter how many times I successfully cleared it. Honestly, save yourself from this waste of storage space and find something more fun and engaging to spend your time on such as watching paint dry.

This game is bland, it’s very “copy paste” of every other game in this genre, the animations are basic, there is very little explanation as to what your doing or why, the sounds are over filtered and feel like they are pulled from another game that copied it from another one, both with a poor quality recording device. As is with other games in this genre, it’s extremely pay to win, very predatory as well, id recommend everyone stay clear. The best part of this game is quite literally the add.

I like to try new games to get my mind learning new things. It’s suck when ur trying to play but it’s the computer game. I really wanted to play!!! U got the events, arenas, multi-players, levels-ups take abit!!! Trying to save money,gears,also chips. Take a bit to saves, graphic design really good, Fair on buying items or power ups. Give people on how to play & etc.

This game’s a bit too stressful for me I prefer mobile games that start off simple and gradually power creep and slowly add-on different mechanics as time goes on, but a lot of these games here lately have come out on day one with far too much stuff going on. Its a game based on dopamine fix pretty much. constant red notifications from either freebies or upgrades before i even get settled in. Some Red notifications that just won’t go away. Some people love, that but this games just not for me.

Pretty decent game, graphics are nostalgic, items in the game are pretty easy to get with time. My main complaint is everytime I log on it has me make a review and I can’t continue into the game without complying. UPDATE: I also forgot to mention that the time zone is set to UTC which is unfortunate because you need to be on late in the evenings to attend them. (I’m EST so 10:00 PM is 11:00 AM for them).

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