Mutation Wars – Save this chaotic world

[Game] Mutation Wars – Idle RPG

Mutation WarsIn the year 2025, a mysterious meteorite crashes on Earth, causing animals to gain intelligence, deceased humans to resurrect, robots to go rogue, and the world to descend into chaos.

Various mutated creatures roam freely! Elisa, who survived amidst the chaos, begins to assemble her own team. Determined to eliminate the anomalies in this world and repair the spacetime rift caused by the meteorite to prevent the continuous emergence of mutated creatures, she aims to restore the world’s former vitality! Start playing “Mutation Wars: Idle RPG” now – Captain Elisa, go save this chaotic world and rebuild a beautiful home!

In the game, recruit heroes scattered around the world, from different times and cultures. Each hero possesses unique attributes, and you need to gather heroes with different attributes, train and equip them. Only by forming versatile teams can you avoid being devoured by ferocious mutated creatures and eliminate them! During your journey, your team will face various creatures from other realms and encounter numerous challenges!

Easy to pick up and play with just one finger
No complicated commands, you can control the game with just one finger! It is an easy-to-learn game! However, to stand undefeated in battles, you need to showcase your intelligence.

Recruit heroes and create diverse team combinations
Over 100+ heroes! Endless combinations await! Recruit heroes, level them up. Collect equipment! Combine powerful gear to arm your heroes! Within a limited time, form the best lineup to repel mutated creatures.

Stylish hero skins to showcase your personality
Stylish skins that showcase your personality! They bring inspiration and satisfaction! Enhance your team’s buff bonuses.

Use super weapons for an exhilarating combat experience
Unlike other card battle games, you can empower your team with super weapons during battles! Unleash invincible skills with super weapons and experience the thrill of annihilating enemies.

Battle various mutated bosses and utilize tactics
You need to defeat mutated bosses to unlock new maps! Mutated bosses possess massive size, immense combat power, and high health, intimidating your team. They are the most challenging mutated creatures to conquer in the game. You need to cleverly use tactics and strategies to overcome them. It’s a thrilling and exciting challenge!

Multiple gameplay modes with unique card battle mechanics
You can progress through the game without spending real money. Multiple gameplay modes provide unique experiences while helping you collect resources and strengthen your team! In the “Ace Hunter” gameplay mode, you need to make quick and correct choices to avoid or defeat the incoming enemies and progress smoothly! In the “Wonderland Clearance” gameplay mode, it involves puzzle-solving gameplay. Before obtaining abundant rewards, you need to fully utilize your intelligence to overcome various obstacles!

Arena, PvP battles against real players
The arena offers a real competitive environment where you can battle against real players worldwide! Hone your skills, use different strategies, and create powerful combinations. Test your lineup in PvP duels! Winning battles allows you to earn generous rewards! Strive to be at the top of the leaderboard.

Game Features
This is a card battle game that includes elements of role-playing, idle, strategy, puzzle, synthesis, and more.
Rich and diverse characters with different team combinations.
Whether it’s fast-paced battles, you can master the rhythm.
In card battles, you can deploy super weapons and enjoy the thrill of bombarding enemies with skills.
Multiple character skins for a different visual experience.
Multiple gameplay experiences in various dungeons to replenish resources.
Multiple mutated bosses for unique challenges.
PvP with real players, enjoy a realistic battle environment, and increase the fun and challenge of the game.

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