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Easy Chord  The best chord progression editor for mobile devices

Easy Chord relies on music theory and helps with creating chord progressions for your compositions.

If it’s hard to pick right chords for the composition – this is the application for you! No more pain with chord progressions!

The most important thing – you do not need to know the music theory in order to compose music!

Try Easy Chord – you will like it!

Furthermore, you can see how to play the chords on the piano if you need.

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Easy Chord user reviews :

Really helpful app for sketching ideas. The free version is limited wrt the chords you can choose, but i bought it (in app) and i’m very happy with it so far. Really useful for sketching out ideas that come to you when you’re miles from a computer. One thing it would be cool to have is a screen-keyboard input (it has a screen keyboard for showing you chord layouts), and another thing would be inversions. However, I think its a really cool app, so well done to the dev/devs.

I really love it but these annoying bugs are really annoying! Every time I change a chord from minor to major or the opposite or from 3 quarters to four or even add sixth or seventh- anything that I change it stops the progression I think I would of bought the full version if it was better with these

Great app! it basically makes my melodys for me when im making music! i can use this app to make melodys and put them in my song! AMAZING! And the melodys are so beutiful too, all i need to do is put things togeteher until i get somthing that i like!

Great App! Just the trick for getting a simple chord progression ready to write a song with a great group of kids that I am working with. Really easy to use and to transfer a chord progression between keys without any hassle.

An useful app.. But lacks features..There is NO optn to play inverted chords..or higher octave chord ( I may play the 6th chord(G3maj) in lower octave and 1st chord in the higher octave (C4maj).. Give these two simple feature I will give 5 star.

Fluid and responsive app, Great for exploring modalities. Midi is exportable too, so you can rework what you’ve got in your DAW- Looking forward to the next version with key switching enabled

Great little app, though it does have a bug that stops at borrowed chords. There’s also no way to do inversions. I’m using it because I can’t use Hookpad on Mobile.

This is pretty cool, the price is ridiculous and too high to justify. I’d be willing to pay $5 one time. Is there even a way to remove a chord after you place it?
  • Andrii Kotliarenko
  • Yeah, you can swipe it up.

For very beginner musicians strapped to major triads , no options for jazz or advanced, virtually nothing for any music outside northwestern Europe or USA. Good for people wanting to jam to Mary Had a Little Lamb or Bingo Was His Name

Everything was good, except there is no option for voicing… Please add it. Waiting for it and then i will give it 5star

The app is great, it’s inspirational and has various options when playing chords.

Very incomplete, you can find a lot of apps better than this one. It says that is the best app for android, and it is not true.

Its great, just would like to see more chords extensions. like 11ths and stuff.

The loop option do not work, it stops or make choppy sounds.

Simple interface makes it easy to navigate.

Great app. Worth installing, Real talk

This app is so damn great and is very useful for composing melodies. It’s straight forward and doesn’t have too many distracting settings and features. This is quite useful for making early stage music without lyrics and hum and improvise to your hearts content while chords play.

The app is pretty neat, but changing time signatures, patterns, or chord types within a progression causes it not to play the whole loop or not to repeat even when set to do so.

Great for playing around with progressions easily, wish you could change octave of your chosen chords though.

This seems really cool. A couple of things I think could make it better for me would be colour coding so I can tell where my verses end and chorus begins. Also the ability to add cords from other key signatures, maybe that’s already in there but I didn’t see it. Overall this is miles ahead of the other apps I’ve tried. With this I can use the on screen keyboard to pick chords that have tonal relationships. I’m no expert so this kind of thing goes a long way. Cheers

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