Mad Tank – Super Huge Madness Boss Zombie battle

[Game] Mad Tank

Mad TankTank vs Zombie War !

Collect over 40 MADNESS cannons !

Unlock and upgrade unique cannons to upgrade on your tank !

The simple, addictive arcade / action / strategy game: Mad Tank !

Super Huge Madness Boss Zombie battle !

Mix and match cannons to build your own MAD TANK !!

Upgrade your cannons to the MAX !!

Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.

Easy and simple one touch controls

Mad Tank user reviews :

The controls on this game are very bad. The only thing you can do manually is move. That is the only way it expects you to survive. It is very difficult trying to aim the gun at the boss when you have to drive (potentially) into the horde of zombies that will kill you. If you’re goiij nh to ha e a top-down shooter, have two seperate controls for movement and firing. And it holds your hand for way too long (tutorial is too dragged out). I’d say no to getting this game.

  • 안녕하세요, Oakmeal 5님. 이용 중 아쉬우셨던 부분은 공식 카페 []으로 전달해 주신다면 개선을 검토해 볼 수 있도록 하겠습니다. 감사합니다. : )

I find this game very entertaining. I especially love the upgrading system but I hate to agree with the other users, It gets a bit repetitive when there’s little alternative ways in getting diamonds. The difficulty ramping could be more lenient, with one section being drastically stronger than another. Also, could you please do a bug fix on the bodies in this game, especially the “Rapidstar.” Other than the small changes that could be done, I highly rate this game for anyone that loves the grind

why does buying new weapons and upgrades need connection to the internet? if it didnt this game would be and amazing pocket game but its not. Also the controls are odd because when you move your finger to move the whole movement controller goes with your finger. It should be locked in place so moving doesn’t effect what you can see on the screen.

Really fun game. No forced ads, idk what people are talking about. Lemme point out some downsides. Area 3 is crazy hard compared even to the hardest mode of area 2. I have many promotion 3 weapons, thanks, subguns, and drones, yet I can’t beat area 3. Needs improvement on the skill curve and controls, and I think there’s supposed to be an event rn. Overall, though, it’s a very fun game! Would recommend!

Has alot of potential, except all the timers are stuck at 17 hours. And not sure what the green gift button is for, it will have red notification but when I click on it nothing happens. Free spin is stuck at 16:58 mins. Also really hard to progress. Like talk about a major grind!!!!!!! Even if you watch every ad it provides you will still be stuck on lvl 2 easy mode for a very long time. Let me sell old hardwares also, they’re useless now that I have roughly 3 star gear. Optimize & ill buy

Would be pretty darn good. It’s got good playability. Good upgradeability. And the rewards are so so… To pretty decent. However. The ads you are forced to watch are superfluous. And you are also limited to the number you can volunteer to watch to increase rewards. By the way. Then I say the rewards are pretty decent… They are only this when you can and boost them. I’m all for ads in ‘free’ games. But this just seems overly micro managed. Makes the overall experience unfun.

Having fun! However the game can be quite challenging, especially for gaining money to buy upgrades. What doesn’t help is that when you try to watch an advert (to take advantage of the x4 rewards), it does not work. The advert will load up fine and play, but at the end where it says, “Reward Granted” you realise that you got nothing. I enjoy the game, so I paid the £2.99 for it to be advert free and that seems to have fixed the problem. I get no adverts but all the rewards.

Great game, but extreme difficulty curve. I love the challenge of difficult games, but if the difficulty to too high, it’s hard to keep the motivation. I have passed all the stages of level 2 from easy to hell. But level 3 becomes an impossible hurdle. The health of the emenies becomes soo high, that even with 3 star 3 promotion items, there is no way to clear it. Upgrades are soo expensive that I need to play the previous level 5 times with AD to get one. My suggestion, lower the difficulty

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