Slime Labs – Venture through a laboratory full of traps

[Game] Slime Labs

Slime Labs  The slime is back! Venture through a laboratory full of traps and stretch your way to the goal.

Slime Labs is a physics based platformer where you control a blob of green ooze that can squish, stretch, shrink, and get enormous by absorbing smaller bits of slime. Collect all the data-disks hidden in the levels and perfect all the stages.


Super fun slime-physics
Addicting gameplay
Multiple endings
Slime-tastic pixel art
Groovy music tracks

Slime Labs user reviews :

A very fun game for playing here and there! The controls are easy and the main goal of the game is easy to understand. What I would criticize though is that the game starts lagging once you don’t press any buttons and the ending isn’t really worth grinding for. A different ending or maybe even bonus level when you perfected all levels would be perfect! Overall, 8/10 By the way, I and others would probably be happy if there was a follow up sometime in the future just saying

Apparently it won’t start on older phones like galaxy E5 (mine) but i have seen videos and this game is amazing: interesting and fun gameplay, great art style, cool mechanics and from what i heard it even has a plot! I have played your other games and I’ve been playing super cat tales 2 for almost four years now and i have to say you’re great, Neutronized. you just need to fix some bugs and issues. keep doing what you love

This game is unbalanced! I can’t go any faster while in liquid and lazers are hard to dodge. I like the story of the game, but I found out, that it’s way too hard (including “Acid rising up” levels). I’m another game developer, not a gamer! Also, I can’t ground pound. When my slime character is up-side-down, the controls are confusing (when I want to jump, I have to press “up” button). This game is only for true gamers! Please Neutronized, balance the game’s difficulty!

Great game always loved it on PC glad they moved it over to mobile after slash died. I wish that the spikes fit in with the art style a bit more cuz they’re just kind of like a solid gray triangle without an outline and they’re not even an 8-bit so you know. The game doesn’t run very well but it runs at a decent frame rate not very good but overall 5 out of five on gameplay on how it runs like a three

Its a ok game but there’s so much adds when you die and some are annoying. The art style is pretty good its not amazing but its still good also the can get weird like move up and down when you’re spinning or one of the eye will be stuck some were but come back. Its still a good game but the adds are sooo annoying.

This is pretty challenging and fun(somehow everytime i die it gets laggier like in super cat tales and i use no background processes so that it will last) and also if i close the “get skins” it will be gone forever can you please add something like buy on the menu so that they can buy it if they want to. Thx

SPOILER ALERT! When I finnished the game I was a bit upset,It took me 3 days to complete the game only to find out the slime gets lost and you get put back at the beginning.The games fun and a little hard,but the only thing that made me upset was the ending.

It’s meh it has potential but there are problems. Firstly there are a bit to many ads which can be annoying. Super cat tales 2 has not that many ads therefore one confusion is that this game has a lot more ads.

Hey netrolized I know this may get annoying but someone has STOLEN your content from super cat tales and renamed it super cat bros! I love your YouTube but I just can’t let this happen!

great game and all but the reason I’v put it in three stars cause the ending is kinda trash after grinding to make all the levels perfect and taking all of the discs in every level I consider the ending a wast of time there could’ve been much better endings but over all the game pretty fun to play

Really cool game, not too hard at first but then it’s getting really hard. It took me hours to complete this game for 100% It’s a fun game. And the music is awesome too!

Love this game. Played it all the time on the laptop as a kid. The only problem I have is the amount of ads it has.

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