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[Game] Elena Journal To Atlantis

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Elena and Nathan had barely returned from their exhilarating adventure in the City of Amazons when they decided to embark on another journey. This time, they were on a mission to find Atlantis, the lost city that had intrigued and fascinated Nathan for as long as he could remember.

As they set out on their journey, they faced a new set of challenges that tested their courage and determination. Nathan’s lifelong dream of discovering the lost city drove them forward, but the journey was far from easy.

Elena, on the other hand, struggled with her own personal demons. The pressures of academia weighed heavily on her, as did the drama within her family. Moreover, conflicts with Nathan only added to her stress, making it difficult for her to remain focused on their mission.

The two found temporary relief in the form of visits from friends, but their happiness was short-lived as they soon realized that an enemy lurked in the shadows, craving revenge. The tension continued to rise as they encountered new obstacles and dangers, putting their work, passion, and very lives in jeopardy.

Despite the challenges they faced, Elena and Nathan remained determined to find Atlantis and unlock its secrets. They knew that they needed to stay strong, focused, and united if they hoped to survive the challenges ahead.

As they continued on their journey, they uncovered clues and made significant progress. But the closer they got to their goal, the higher the stakes became. The sacrifices they would have to make only grew larger and more difficult.

In the end, Elena and Nathan would have to make some tough choices. They would need to decide what was most important to them, and what they were willing to risk to achieve their dreams. But no matter what, they knew that they would have each other to rely on as they faced whatever lay ahead.

Grab the excavation tools again , this time to unearth the secrets of the lost land of Atlantis.
Join Elena’s new adventures, full of plot twists and secrets of the past.
Meet your favourite characters again, and get to know the new ones, entangled in a new intrigue .
Visit amazing new locations  in which the past and the present intertwine.
Finish all 60 levels of the game on one of three difficulty levels.
Find out if the next journey will have a happy ending for Elena and Nathan.

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Elena Journal To Atlantis user reviews :

I mean it’s great but I was disappointed with the lack of variety in challenge. They were basically all the same, complete task and talk to character or “keep moving” which were very easy to accomplish. I really miss the challenge Gamehouse has brought in the past. Also when Elena said she was going to start setting boundaries like nah man just break up with him.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

After playing the first 10 levels of the games, it says i need to wait 4 more days to play with ads or i subscribe now to get full access. As the subscription fees is quite high, i decided to wait to play with ads. Now 4 days has passed, i cant even play with ads and instead i was given options to subscribe and pay only to play it! Huge disappointment on this as im a huge fan of GOHS. Update: The game is able to play with ads now after few days

  • Hi! You should be now able to play the game with ads or buy it to play without them. You might need to restart the game and/or update it for this to work, though. Please contact us from within the game or at ghos[at]gamehouse.com if you require any more help

The long awaited sequel is now here! The story is a big dragged to make another game but I still do look forward for the third game! Sometimes the thing that I grabbed didn’t appear in the tray so that’s kinda annoying but there’s no other major problem.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

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