Fire Engine Simulator – Explore the vast open city

[Game] Fire Engine Simulator

Fire Engine Simulator  Many different fire trucks are waiting for you. Jump in to the fully modeled fire trucks and put out some fires.

Explore the vast open city, without loading screens. The world has dynamic day and night and different weather effects. Extinguishing fires earns you cash, whitch you can use to upgrade and customize your fire truck, or purchase one that suits you more.

There are a lot of different fires to extinguish. Put out a dumpster fire or a massive office building. The joice is yours.

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Fire Engine Simulator user reviews :

This is a very cool simulator it’s almost like some of the other games that I play on PC but there’s one big thing in it and it’s Graphics of the fire and the graphics of the building you need to make it where you can like make the fire spread so much more realistic just an idea skiosoft

This game is good but you just need to make the cars stop when your lights are on and that’s the only bad thing about this game. Please fix!!!!!!

The game is very good.I like the game because you are the one choosing the fire you want to switch off and the controls you want.You can also choose the weather you want in the game.I love the game very much.It is the best game i have ever played.

Long story short, great game. Suggestion is to add trucks like ladder trucks and rescue trucks. Upgrade the fire station into like a headquarters when u have the scanline nova. And, yes, separate button of sirens and lights, default lights should be light bars. And a feature that we can get out the truck whenever we want. And make sure the ladders are useable if u added them, and b4 the ladders rise up, maybe make a feature like us controlling the ladder in the basket. Thx for the new update.

Its a very good actually it is my best sicoscoft game ever you can put out fires you can open a map so you can see where you can go you can get new cars and nutral.

Love the game but it has a few flaws that need to be fixed. 1. needs alot more vehicles to choose from 2.The steering is really terrible and needs to be fixed. 3. The inside of the vehicles needs to more realistic 4. Needs a better scenery.

Excellent game good graphics .All I can say is,it is a great game. Exept one thing,, things are so expensive e.g cars thanks.

Please may you extract the map of the game , fix your map because it doesn’t show where there is fire But the graphics are perfect, the controls are good

So good I give it a five-star the reason is because it’s so realistic you need to buy guess you need to refill your hose with the fire hydrant and there is actual fire that you can put out and I like the trick I haven’t been playing there for one but I like it thanks for reading

The game is good but can you just add in a car accident call and can you enable more tools and can you add in a pierce tiler fire truck

I love this game cus I can just drive around I can choose destinations and I’m mostly satisfied with the handling with my truck very good especially using the game wheel is the best

best android game but add physic only in high graphic like keep bumping into pole alot of times make it fall.

Its very fun game and i have all of theese emrgenncy and truck or bus so i like this game but there’s a problem the probmlen is like im in biggest truck so when i crash in plants and signs so they dont fall down but in advance game will they fall like need for speed so i wanna just at you can fix this problem

I have played this game for a while and its experience its really good and haven’t had any issues yet but getting money is quite difficult you would say but overall really a good game.

This game is so good you don’t have to go back to the fire stashon to get water you can get them at water pumps

Love this app but it needs work please make it be able to go to the gas station and put out fires

Really nice game.I give it 5 stars because its graphics is amazing and so nice and I love it very much

All in all it’s a pretty solid game, graphics are above par and borderline psychotic

I absolutely love the game. It would be really really cool if you guys made a storm chaser simulator with tornados.

I love the game but I think you should add brand new cars to it to make it more attractive

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