Heavy Machines and Construction – Expand your vehicle fleet

[Game] Heavy Machines and Construction

Heavy Machines and ConstructionExplore a realistic open world with challenging roads and offroad tracks, dive into the deep mines, discover the big city, port, train station, malls, warehouses and many customer-owned private areas and lots.

Start making money for your small business with job offers (road construction, building construction, tunnel construction, bridge construction, transportation logistics, mining operations).

There are more than 30 types of vehicles you can acquire.

Expand your vehicle fleet. Remember that new vehicles mean new jobs!

Become the king of tough roads!
Put your helmet on and start your journey!

10km²+ world size
Realistic rope, mud, excavation, cargo and concrete physics
Realistic vehicle physics, mechanics, sounds and interior designs
30 different vehicles, heavy machines and various types of cargo
Trailers that can be coupled with trucks to carry any type of cargo and vehicle
More than 100 logistics, mining and construction tasks
Automatic cargo loading and sorting
AI traffic system
Leveling systen
Realistic navigation system
Lots of transportable cargo in different sizes
Day & night cycle
Fuel consumption and gas stations
Randomly generated repeatable tasks to increase your experience!

Available Vehicles and Machines:
4X4 Pickup Truck
Tandem Box Trailer
Flatbed Crane
8X8 Dump Truck
4X2 Truck
3 Axle Lowbed
3 Axle Tipper Trailer
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Pump
Mobile Crane
4 Axle Lowbed
5 Axle Lowbed
Soil Compactor
8 Axle Lowbed
Tanker Trailer
Tower Crane
Portal Crane
Jib Crane

Heavy Machines and Construction user reviews :

I have been playing the game for a bit now and I have noticed on the track hoe and the bulldozer that the tracks move together at all times, so you can not turn the track equipment around, but the game has great graphics and all but y’all need to fix that oversight with the track equipment

Good game so far, fun to play, graphics’ same as they are in the screenshots, loving it so far. BUT the developers should try and make the cabin (interior view) suspension a bit stiffer because it’s very soft & shaking too much making it difficult to drive the trucks in interior view, driving in exterior view seemed better than the interior view. Also the game takes too long to load & there’s too much loading screen in the game. Optimisation of the game a bit will be appreciated

The game simulation is very realistic, all vehicles were realistic in many details [interior, cameras, lightings,….], real world open maps, amazing nature & graphics, and more but it still not to get outside vehicles.

I just started playing this and I love it. The controls are easy to use, the graphics are great and you have a huge amount of vehicles to play with. I also like the game play. You get paid for jobs you do. With that money you buy new machines and get bigger and better jobs. The only gripe I have is the AI traffic and the red light cameras. Driving thru town takes forever. I hate getting fined 50 bucks every time I run a light.

Developers kindly note that all the saved progress is lost after exiting the game and then reopening it. Also I have issue with map loading after every second. Please fix it as early as possible. Other than that the game is 100% fire

Awesome Game But Can you add these feautures to get more realistic experience 1. Walk Mode. 2. When we hit any object the Vehicle gets damage. 3. Add Multiplayer. 4. Add More Cars & Vehicles. 5. Add More Graphics & Physics to the Vehicle.

hello,This simulator some potential no doubt about it. Best thing about this simulator the way it behave. But few things you should fix 1. While doing job with flatbed truck it’s preloaded crane strucks it doesn’t work properly 2.Add more map route with variety of jobs 3.Add Stats & Record option at main menu so that players checks how much they’ve progressed every time 4.More optimisation 5.Improve more driving physics of every vehicle . Please add All those things in nextupdate overall Great

Overall game is only good because it doesn’t offer any customisation option. Graphics are still not too good. Animation inside vehicles are missing. Only 4X2 is available in truck. Also missions are also not available for level 10 after buying tanker and tipper. Please Work on it

The game is really good, although they are some issues like the interior camera shaking too much when we drive, not receiving our gas fill after watching an ad. And the tutorial need to be more indicative, it was a bit difficult to figure out how to swap between machines. Aside from that, I’m having a good time with this game.

It is a good game but the only problem is that I have a problem with getting the stabilizers To go out on every thing they are on you can not use them if the stablizerl and you can not use the grader or dozer in sand box modedevs please fix thisare not outother than that there no other problems 4 out of five stars

I like this game.it is very exciting game. Please fix the tutorial problem. Because After starting engine it only showed to start engine. Please fix this problem and fix the problem with crain button of trucks. Because it is not responding.

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