Operation New Earth – Defend Earth from hostile alien invasion

[Game] Operation New Earth

Operation New Earth  Your home, your memories, your family… All is fading under the colossal shadow of an attacking alien force.

Jump into this intense sci-fi multiplayer strategy game. Command an advanced military facility to defend Earth from hostile alien invasion!

Uncover advanced technology to infuse and reinforce your stronghold – you are Earth’s last protection against the invaders who are laying waste to the planet!

Commander, it’s time to mobilize! Retake and defend the planet. Let no enemy, aliens or hostile humans, stand in your way!

CREATE YOUR BASE – Strategically build your facility by discovering new technologies to become a juggernaut of power.

RAISE AN ARMY – Train a massive army of specialized units including hi-tech infantry and cutting-edge war machines.

COMMAND YOUR HERO – Train an elite Hero unit for incredible advantages and bonuses, while attempting to defeat and capture enemy players’ Heroes in battle.

CHAT, TRADE, INVITE – Chat with other players, trade your resources and invite the strongest amongst your friends to defend Earth together.

JOIN AN ALLIANCE – Assemble an Alliance and strategize together to build a powerful network.

REAL TIME FACTION WARS – Join players around the world in massive battles.

The Earth you once knew is growing dim, Commander. Hope is nearly lost. It’s time for Operation: New Earth.

PLEASE NOTE that Operation: New Earth is completely free to play, however, optional in game items are available for purchase with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can turn off the option by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

A network connection is also required.

Operation New Earth user reviews :

Truly underrated. It has an amazing theme, gameplay, and progression. However, upon zooming in on something occassionally what you’re looking at is pixelated. Overall great though.

It is a war game. Please understand that you do get attacked, And you can also attack & defend. Strategic moves are always in play. Know what’s happening around you at all times & Good luck to you! Great game!

The concept and game itself are very good although it does need a balance system put in place as the game is dominated by coiners who systematically take apart the smaller players on a revular basis. For a balance they need to restrict higher players to only attacking players of a similar power rating. For example a 800 mill player attacking a player who only has say 20 mill power is way unbalanced.

awesome game so far. Alliance leaders are very helpful. The expierence has been better than most games i have played like this. No pressure to “pay to play”. Great job designers!! No changes since this post. Customer service is pretty much on top of any issue that you might have. Thank you!!

Good easy going game. Like others there are those that have to prove they are “tuff”. Does take time to upgrade, the higher you go. I wish they would have high shard caches for lower prices. Get a good alliance and it isn’t a bad game.

Love the game needs option to recall troops from reinforcement had a player keep troops and not send them back to me had to leave alliance to get them back. Overall nice game want more troop bundles.

Great game but needs to be more balanced for the smaller players so that they can grow small players just don’t make it in this game and it’s sad for that reason.

Great game very addictive but very very entertaining. Only when you get expeled it should take their acquire sectors is not.fair leaving behind your efforts

overall a solid game.. slightly buggy but nothing crazy some disconnects and ads that freeze up now and then but it’s a nice spin on space sim mmos

Very good grafics and addictive game.

very addictive, totally love the game, just one down side the shards reactor needs to work from a pc and laptop through Microsoft store, as have on phone just so I can collect, but other than that an awesome game to play and meet new folks

Latest Update :

Game Update 11.0.9 Introduces Cross-Region Alliance challenges allowing Alliances from all regions to compete for ultimate glory! Featuring expansion to both the beginning and the end of various research trees. New levels of structures for 3 key production buildings and lots more, full patch notes in game!g and the end of various research trees. New levels of structures for 3 key production buildings and lots more, full patch notes in game!

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