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eMoodsYour privacy matters! eMoods never stores ANY of your data in the cloud or connects to any APIs. No data ever leaves your phone without your explicit action.

Managing your mood just became easier and more effective! eMoods is a private and easy to use mood tracker and diary for journaling, graphing, reporting, and managing symptoms related to Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, and other mood disorders. Start tracking, notice your triggers, and take control of your mood and other symptoms!

eMoods is a mood charting journal perfect for logging Bipolar I, Bipolar II, or any general kind of mood tracking!

eMoods allows you to track medication changes so that you can safely make adjustments, titrations or medication tapers with the help of your doctor and learn about what works and what doesn’t. These insights can be used for titrating up to a new medication or for assistance in coming off a medication.

eMoods allows you to send a monthly PDF report to your doctor

eMoods is a free mood tracker app that lets you easily chart your daily highs and lows/depressed and elevated moods, sleep, medications, and other symptoms related to common mood disorders like Bipolar/Manic Depressive illness.

Email a printable PDF report at the end of each month to your doctor or caregiver to help you identify triggers or other events that could lead to an episode or relapse. View in-app graphs and printable charts to track trends and visualize your symptoms and triggers in between appointments.

eMoods now includes a dark color theme and a colorblind-friendly color scheme.

Mood journaling is part of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other treatments for bipolar, depression, and other mood and anxiety disorders. Use this app with your doctor.

This app is for charting daily extremes of moods and other symptoms, and does not log multiple moods and other symptoms per day.

All features from version 1 of this app remain free. Patronage is strictly optional.

eMoods user reviews :

This app is amazing for tracking all your bipolar symptoms. It’s a great way to see if you are getting off track. The simple interface makes tracking so easy. You get so much with this free app. Upgrading is optional but it gives you even more amazing benefits. Emoods is a must have for anyone with bipolar. You can share your scores with your therapist or doctor.

this is the best simple mood tracker I’ve found. i wanted to buy it to get more settings (timestamps, custom tracking points) but the graphs really don’t look very good and they’re hard to read, so it’s more of an overview. I use it with daylio now, because this gives me a reliable baseline, whereas that gives details (but isn’t reliable). It’s definitely a great resource, but it needs to be used in tandem with other methods.

  • Thanks so much for your review! Hope you stick with the app for a bit longer- coming up really soon are some nice graph improvements (year overview, averages, co-occuring symptom percentages)

It’s rare to find a resource for BP that doesn’t feel predatory or indoctrinating. This one is simple, efficient, lightweight, and best of all? The developer seems to actually care about the community. The lifetime patron license is worth it, imo. Custom tracking points can be a sliding scale, yes/no, or numerical. I haven’t really had a chance to get into the data graphs yet, but having such a convenient way to track symptoms is in itself extremely helpful.

  • So grateful for this review- thank you! Reach out any time if you have suggestions for improving the app – info[at]emoodtracker.com – Jon (app creator)

This app is great. I love how simple it is. There doesn’t need to be a bunch of extra stuff. The free version was enough. I never really felt pushed to upgrade, which I greatly appreciate! I decided to pay for a lifetime, no ads version primarily to support a good, simple, useful app. The extra features are really nice. I love getting to chose a different app icons and adding different tracking points. Super useful! Glad to have developers so in tune with the user needs

  • Thank you so much for this review! Reach out any time with questions/suggestions :) – Jon (app creator) info[at]emoodtracker.com

this app is fantastic. You can easily track your bipolar symptoms and add additional symptoms to track if you want to. It provides easy to read graphs and charts. It allows you make simple time-stamped notes. It also allows you to backup and Save in the cloud. You can email reports to your mental health care provider. when you close out at saves automatically. there is a calendar so you can click on any date to see how you did. please add a feature to save, edit, and delete entries.

Overall amazing I became a patron so quickly. I don’t usually like to buy apps,but this one I’m so glad I did. I like to track how my mood and the amount of sleep/time I went to bed affected that. The backup feature is super easy to use and is super helpful. The reports that you can email to yourself are well organised and easy to read. Also, when I was having difficulty with the app on my end, I was responded back to almost immediately with good help. Highly recommend

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