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[App] Pixy – Mood Tracker

PixyPixy is a minimalistic approach to track your mood within one pixel a day.

Minimalism: The app is designed to be as minimalistic as possible.
Privacy: The data is stored on the device only, so you are the only one with access to your data.
Tags: You can categorize your days with custom tags.
Filters: You can now filter for text, tags or moods.
Statistics: Check when your mood peaked or when tags occurred often

Pixy user reviews :

I’ve been looking for a simple app to use in order to have documentation of my mood, and this is exactly what I needed! It’s very easy to use, and it helps me in ways that feel almost tailored towards me. For example, when tagging the emotions I felt for the day, an extra little note comes up that describes the emotion, a clarification that is simple but insanely helpful for someone like myself. I will update this review after more use, but so far it’s perfect for me!

  • Hey Blue M., I highly appreciate your words. If you have any more feedback, email me at feedback[at]pixy.day or use the feedback function inside the app settings.

Overall, a very good app. I’ll give a 5-star review so others can try it out too. Aside from being a mood tracker, it also tracks your sleep, and gives you overall statistics (daily, weekly, and monthly) to track your progress. You can also add multiple entries throughout the day which makes it super awesome, since I am the type of person to input numerous insights anytime. You can also choose different colors on how you want your mood to be reflected. 10/10

Great App! I love the simplicity of it, a lot of the competitors have complex questions or processes to record a day however this gives you an option to do that, since I chose not too it is quicker and more convenient for me to record my day.

simplicity at its best! no ads and you get to vote on new features. the emotion system is easy to understand and the graphs that show your mood/sleep are very helpful.

The features which made me choose this app not other free mood meters was that you could choose your feeling more precisely with words. However, the neutral feelings’ adjectives can be increased. The other apps were generally based on 5 smileys. In addition, each adjective which you can choose as your current feeling has a short description which significantly help you in naming your feelings. You can also tag any experience that you write about as family, friends, etc.

Best mood tracker I’ve tried so far. Calendar view looks very nice and clean, good suggestion of moods and tags (but you can also add new ones), backup function, privacy-friendly. Very pleased overall.

I am in love with this app. What else do you want simple yet amazing user interface, ad free, premium look If you are looking for a simple and easy mood tracker this is the one!!!!!

Really amazing app, quite hard to believe that this is free with no ads. It’s minimal, feature-rich and very user friendly. This one genuinely deserves way more downloads.

  • Hey Alan, thanks for much for your words.

fantastic app easy interface and reminders are a lifesaver. used many mood tracker apps previously and failed to stay consistent but this one got me on the right track

Very good and easy mood tracker, nice design and visualization. It is not “done” yet, but regularly there are new features

  • Hey Johannes, thank you for your review! I will keep working on it

It’s super helpful, and it’s one of the best apps for tracking my moods that I’ve tried.

Absolutely AMAZING!!! Been using this for a few months, I love this more than any other mood tracker I’ve found.

Very neat and nice… Have great potential to be one of the best..

I love this!!! Definitely looking forward to more colors!

Really good app

  • Hey Dilshod, I’m happy that you enjoyed the app. If you have any more feedback, email me at feedback[at]pixy.day or use the feedback function inside the app settings.

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