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LuvoWelcome to Luvo, your free meditation app and mindfulness coach.

A self-care app with a daily tracker for water intake, step count, sleep analysis, gratitude, daily quotes, and mood balance. Live sessions for meditation, yoga, healthy eating, gratitude & meditation music for a happier, healthier, and calmer you.

Wake up each day centered, stress free with perfect clarity, to take care of your health and wellness. This reality is yours, using Luvo Calming Guided Meditation as the key to success.

Luvo’s prime features include:

Patent pending audio and vibrational frequency meditation and mindfulness (uspto application # 17/645,764)
Live meditation, yoga, healthy eating, gratitude & meditation music
Manifestation and High-performance meditation
Soothing, relaxing music, Binaural beats, noise, sounds, and vibration to help unwind and better help manage stress, anxiety, sleep and wellness Guided Calming meditation for focus, concentration, anxiety, and sleep
Breathing exercises to create a state of flow
Color specific Luvo screen for positivity and success
Daily step, heart rate and water tracker
Systematic moods check
Gratitude/affirmation journal
Free sleep tracker with sleep music for restful slumber
Connect to Google fit, Garmin & Fit bit to track step, sleep, and heart rate

Chakra balance meditation
The Luvo Calming Guided Meditation is expertly designed to relax the mind, focus your energy through chakra balance meditation, helping to manage stress and anxiety, and optimizing mental health.

Your mindfulness coach
Meditation and mindfulness shrink the amygdala, the brain’s fear center, reducing anxiety, stress, depression, and poor performance. Guided meditation for self-care, healing, sleep, and mood balance.

Music, sounds and vibration
In addition to guided, unguided & live meditation, our free app also features soothing music, videos, sounds, binaural beats and vibration for unwinding anxiety, insomnia and mindfulness and PTSD coach.

Step and water tracker
Luvo’s step tracker and pedometer tracks step count, calories burned, and tracks water intake, preventing dehydration and reducing depression, anxiety, stress, and mood imbalance. Connect to Google fit, Garmin & Fit bit for step count.

Sleep tracker
Luvo’s sleep monitor tracks sleep stages and record sounds for sleep analysis, and offers relaxing music, binaural beats, and soothing sounds for deep, healing sleep. Connect to Google fit, Garmin & Fit bit.

Vibrational meditation and chakra balancing
Luvo’s special patent pending, meditative experience contains seven levels of audio and vibrational frequency to boost your mind-body connection. Its audio frequency of 396Hz – 963Hz and vibrational frequency of 100 – 200 Hz promotes total chakra (energy center) balance, inner healing, and vibrant well-being.

Live meditation, yoga, healthy eating, gratitude & meditation music
Whether you are old or young, a beginner or pro, our live sessions will connect your mind and body through meditation, yoga, healthy eating, gratitude & meditation music, reducing stress and anxiety, improving mental clarity and focus, and enhancing sleep and overall well-being.

Manifestation and high-performance meditation
Luvo’s spectrum of meditative options, including manifestation and high-performance modes, are based on the Law of Attraction. Luvo will better help you manifest health, happiness, and overall self-improvement.

Well-being monitor
LUVO helps you monitor and regulate wellness factors, including step count, optimal heart rate, proper water intake, breathing exercise, gratitude/affirmation journal, and sleep cycle, thus ensuring that you are living your best life.

Self-care feature
Luvo is your self-care app for guided, unguided & live meditation, mindfulness, wellness living, water and step counter, breathing exercise, gratitude/affirmations journal, and calming sleep meditation, all in one.
More than an app, it’s a lifestyle.

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Luvo user reviews :

I’m sorry, I really want to like this, but when it changed to red and it is not allowing me to change back, I find that incredibly stressful. I’m very sensitive to colors and having the app be red is not helping me I understand the principle behind changing the app color, and not letting someone do it manually, and instead having to wait until the audio is listened to before it changes, but It’s really preventing me from using the app.

  • We understand how annoying that must be. You can change the app color after you have finished all your chakra meditation. You can email us at and we will try to resolve your issue. Thanks for downloading our app.

The best free meditation app in playstore. I’ve been inconsistent in using the app but whenever I do, it works like a charm! The sleep meditation sessions are the best, in my opinion. This app is best for people who don’t want to put in too much effort and time to meditate but still want to do it. The interface is minimal with only the essential components and very easy to navigate. Cheers to the developers for making such a great app!!

  • Thank you so much for your review! You made our day. We are working hard to add new features like live meditation, yoga, healthy eating. We will appreciate it if you can share it with your friends and family. Thanks again!

Pretty awesome and it gives you points the more you do for better meditations in the future

  • Thank you for downloading our app. Join our Live session for meditation, yoga, healthy eating, gratitude & meditation music. You also have the option of watching the live session latter in view recorded session. If you have any issues please let us know.

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