Empire Takeover – Build your empire

[Game] Empire Takeover

Empire Takeover

Fight: Connect all your buildings together to grow them taller and then takeover the enemy’s buildings.

Control: Simple drag controls from one building to another.

Build: Build your empire, occupy more territory, crush your opponents.

Heroes: Recruit legendary heroes, take over the empire!

Special art style: Lowpoly Style Game.

3 Special Mode:

#1 Stage Maker Mode: design levels by yourself and share it to your family, your friends or all the worldwide players.

#2 Peace Mode: stay away from multiplayer war.

#3 Offline Mode: play levels even you have no network.

Good luck, I wish you will like !

Empire Takeover user reviews :

I can’t play this game on my mobile device. In order to play this, i was forced to add it to BlueStacks. Attempts to get assistance for my issues on mobile just result in “Get the latest version” which does nothing to help. Game stutters, and crashes on my phone. I don’t care for the multiplayer aspects, so have to enable peaceful mode (Figures you have to remain unprotected for 7 castle levels, before enabling this feature, thus risking all your resources, troops, and power. What’s the point, if you have to struggle to get there?). Some sounds (Mainly the “Help! Help!” when rescuing a hero) cannot be silenced at all.

It was fun at first, but the game pictures are misleading. The game only lets you play a handful of levels before you have to level up buildings. You can’t level up until all of your buildings level and after 2 weeks of playing, I have to wait what feels like days before I can play maybe 10 more battles. The tower takeover is only 30% of the game and the rest is grinding. The ads pretend to be skippable so you click the arrow or x and it opens a play store or a browser repeatedly. Not fun.

After a recent update, I’m having major difficulties with this game. 90% of the time, the castles that I am selecting is going in the opposite direction. It’s really frustrating. It’s finally time for me to uninstall- it was a good run while it lasted. Definitely one of the funnest app I’ve played before. 5 star for entertainment and 1 star for the horrible experience I had all week. Average out to 3 stars.

I just went through my first cross territory war and it gives some players who are way stronger than others a huge advantage to completely wipe out resources and armies of other players who don’t have the money to build these things up. Now they can keep hitting and hitting until they wipeout other players. My suggestion is even this out so they cant attack players that are much lower or they can only attack them a couple of times the way it is now it is starts real life hate wars it’s sad

  • Hello, if you encounter a problem in the game, please contact the customer service staff in the game in time, and describe your problem in detail, preferably by attaching relevant screenshots to illustrate. Our staff will help you solve the problem in time after seeing it

This game tries too hard to be 3 or 4 different genres instead of focusing on what makes it good. They should just focus on the strategy games (which lock you out after you get too far unless you pay). It was fun, but it falls off extremely hard.

This is such a fun game! Helped me through a lot of appointments and “waiting”. There is so many different things to dabble in between the mini game, the single attacks, the guild attacks, and the many different achievement activities. I purchased ad block so I don’t know how good or bad ads are but you can choose to watch ads to earn needed items. On the down side, I have had a few issues get the game to load but other than that, two thumbs up from me.

Good concept, poor experience. You can’t fight unless you upgrade buildings which delays play. You can’t zoom out which prevents a big picture view of the kingdom.

I really enjoy the strategy part of the game. The hunter gatherer part… Just… Why? As for pay to play, putting energies into skins for the little guys to pay for instead of energy would make me part with my money instead of more energy to play every five levels. Also the skip function needs work. I’ve accidentally skipped levels twice due to the wording of the box that comes up.

A fun little game concept that, rather than work into a finished polished game, decided to instead just copy and paste on a half baked mobile idle monitisation thing. They seem entirely two seperate unfinished games that don’t effect each other. It’s just bizarre to see. Stopped playing because of “help help” spam during levels, and the fear of accidentally pressing on a hero and spending $600 or whatever rediculous placeholder number was there.

You will surely have fun in this game. You can developed yourself without spending any money by playing lots of attractive game part included free in this game. If you want to spent Money then YOU can developed yourself quickly. and the amount is not also very expensive. The best part of this Game that it will not PoP up advertising to compel you to buy something but it Gives you options to buy or continue with your time and expertise. Thanks to developers

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