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Endless Colonies  The year is 2020. Darkness has covered the whole planet.

Forest fires, earthquakes and pandemics threaten humanity. While we haven’t ridden out the storm yet, we realize that the worst one hasn’t come until now! An asteroid! Astronomers report that an asteroid approaching earth will annihilate humanity very soon. Our time is limited. Humanity is in fear. We need heroes who can save us from the extinction!

Are you ready to be a hero? Save humanity by leading your colonies!

Endless Colonies is an idle space simulator game that you can progress incrementally without a clicker mechanism. The aim of this idle space simulator game is to discover new planets, establish new factories and create a space empire! Be the number one millionaire tycoon of the whole universe! Invest to become the greatest adventurer capitalist on the planet!

Different from other idle games, you have a chance to develop your own strategy to manage your factories, transporters and workers! Power up transporters to fill mineral storage of factories and let your workers produce hundreds of products! Make profit, upgrade your workers and grow!

Prepare your spaceship to deploy! Explore new sectors and find new home planets to live! Collect rewards, activate boosts to grow fast!

Do you like midcore games? Are you a casual player? No matter how you define yourself, you are in the right place! Join us in this adventure and change the rules of surviving! The destiny of humanity is now in your hands!


1. Research more than 200 different products!
2. Unlock 8 different worker characters per factory to progress!
3. Unlock 5 different factories with various themes!
4. Play with beautiful visuals and fun content!
5. Manage mineral resources!
6. Idle cash: earn cash even if you are offline!
7. Earn many rewards for your upgrades!

Endless Colonies user reviews :

It is a good idle, research game. In its development very useless due to the fact you stop playing after a month. No real point researching everything when theres nothing after first planet. Ads are faluty they constantly refuse to work. Can’t see items on conveyor belts so no point appreciating graphics details.
  • Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi
  • Hello Nikeeta, ads are limited by day. If you think there is another issue about ads, please let us know. You can contact us community@giantavocado.games Thank you.
Overall a good idle game but I’m giving it 3 stars because there are still issues with the game. The first is that the ads don’t always work when it comes to boost. When I log in it’ll tell me watch an ad to earn double money, it greys out and no ad plays. When it comes to using ads to earn time to earn double money, you only get like 4 ads a day. My last main gripe is the game isn’t done. I already beat it and you can see everything waiting to be added. Why release the game if it’s not done?
  • Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi
  • Hello William, thank you for detailed feedback. We’re working hard to improve ads and release new contents. You can always contact us at community[at]giantavocado.games or you can use the support chat in the settings popup.
An okay game. It’s brand new, I guess. 2 star because you can only play the first planet, it looks like it’s missing some functionality, and rather than expanding the game, which I get it takes development time, the most recent update was to add an ad counter telling you how many ads you can watch.
  • Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi
  • Hello Wayne. Ad counter was asked many times by our players and we decided to add it in advance. We’re working on solid features that you’ll like. Thank you for letting us know about your thoughts. If you have other questions, please contact us at community[at]giantavocado.games. Thank you!
Well done idler, but after a few hours the flurry of activity showed to a crawl and I found myself wondering “why bother?”
  • Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi
  • Hello Jake, please let us know more about the problem you had. You can contact us at community[at]giantavocado.games. Thank you.
The game is good, no lags or glitches. The only suggestion is adding an info screen that shows sector cash earnings per second and/or the amount of cash earned from each factory/item. The game is very good otherwise. No complaints.
  • Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi
  • Hi, we’ll consider your suggestion. Thank you!
Extremely simplified the complex mechanics… loved it… and watching rewarded ads is kept at perfect places please don’t ruin it
  • Giant Avocado Teknoloji Anonim Sirketi
  • Hello Omkar, thank you!

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