Endless Lake – A race to cross the lake

[Game] Endless Lake

Endless Lake

You are on a quest, a race to cross the lake.

Tap to jump over the holes.
Double tap to double jump over the double holes.

Pass the mirror doors to create clones of yourself. Then make the clones jump too.
Yeah, you’re gonna jump.

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Endless Lake user reviews :

The game is really fun, although it’s way too hard to unlock infinite mode. Level 50 takes too long to reach, so not many people are able to unlock infinite mode. It’s very clear it’s too hard, as the all time ranking has only 20 people in it. Also, may I suggest adding a second area teleport in infinite mode? If you accidentally jump the only one there is, you get stuck and have to quit the game. I had to force close about three times today because I accidentally jumped over the teleport

  • Thank you for feedback, we will keep in mind your suggestions.

SOOOOOOOO ADICTING AND FUN. If you like a bit of challenge this is for you. its challenging but extremely fun. definitely download it. doesn’t even have adds unless you choose to watch one for a reward. the only thing I would say is that it sometimes, rarely but sometimes, just won’t let you open the app so if you want to play you would have to restart your phone. but it’s worth it. great game

Really love this game, but it has so many game breaking bugs. I really only play endless mode, and the level will stop generating sometimes, stopping my run. Transitions between floors will sometimes hang on a white screen, stopping my run. Additionally, it seems like they took out my favourite feature, which was the portal to a harder difficulty floor with increased point accumulation. Really wish they’d just polish this otherwise entertaining game.

Love the concept of the game although hoping this version would be closer to the one in the FB messenger app. Gameplay is too slow and the game would be better without levels as they break the continuity of the game. I would love a re-release with these adjustments.

I really like this game a lot, its very fun and addictive, the characters are very cute, and everything looks so beautiful and polished. Also i would really like to recommend a level maker so people can make their own levels and share them. It could make the game much more fun

overall I really like this game, but there is a glitch in level 187, making it impossible to pass. the game also just glitches and stalls sometimes. so overall I like the game, but it could use some work

  • Hello hazel glicc – and thank you for letting us know. We’re currently looking into this issue. Our apologies for the trouble! If there’s anything else we could help you with, please let us know at support[at]vividgames.com and we’ll be happy to assist you. Have a great day!

It’s a fun game and all and it is really fun but in my opinion there are way to many ads. Please reduce the amount of ads and i’ll play it again but until then im going to uninstall it.

To elaborate on why this game was not to my liking, I would like to direct your attention to the jumping mechanics, the one thing you can do in the game. For the single jump, the frames are too short, especially for the ending half, as soon as you reach the apex of the jump, you fall like a brick. This basically just forces you to use the double-jump all the time, as there is no incentive not to. I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t find double-tapping the screen every few seconds fun

  • Hello there – and thank you for the feedback. If there is anything in the game that you feel deserved a one star we’d love to know some more about it at support[at]vividgames.com. Cheers!

this game is amazing it is hard, but I kept on trying because it was so fun to play and I think that if you make level 3 easier it will be more understandable because the other levels are more easier then level 3

it seems like a okay time waster but i cant pass level one as the moment my character approaches the water the game freezes and then i die it lags when i try to jump (playing on a honor 8x)

A Great time waster … Very addictive I didnt experience and glitches of hiccups in the game. I play this all the time.

This game is actually so much fun, and easy to play. The ads are a little annoying, but otherwise it’s so addictive.

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