Rumble Arena – Remain the last one standing to become a true legend

[Game] Rumble Arena – Super Smash Legends


Rumble Arena is the first multiplayer brawling game for mobile; brawl with your friends and smash your opponent off the battleground to become a true legend.

Rumble Arena is a brawling game with players from all over the world. Join the fight on one of our 5 servers around the globe. Matches are fair and fluent thanks to advanced hit detection and input syncing!

Dive into battle with one of our heroes! All heroes have their own unique attacks and special moves and represent different corners of the galaxy!

Up to 8 heroes can duke it out in the arena. Survive the chaotic brawl by using acrobatic manoeuvres and surprise your opponent with amazing attack combo’s to become the last hero standing.

Brawl in several arenas and all with a different layout. Chaotic small or immensely big, all empower a different fighting style.

The game features controller support and in-game controller mapping support!

Training mode
Explore every attack in the “Training” mode and hone your skills to dominate in the multiplayer mode.

1.  Multiplayer matches
2. Ranked matches
3. Team battles
4. Nine unique heroes with unique attacks and moves
5. Four epic arenas with different layout
6. Training mode
7. Controller support & in-game mapping
8. Spectator mode; up to 16 spectators

1. More characters and battlegrounds

Rumble Arena user reviews :

This game has potential. The gravity feels kind of weird in the way that the characters fall and move but I think you can get used to it
  • Rekall Games
  • Hi Madalin! A big overhaul is coming from ourside in the upcoming 3.0 version. Please consider giving us 5 stars :) it helps me stay motivated and helps reach the game more players, which gives us more time to work on the game, since of today it’s still just our hobby.
Super fun game. Reminds me of super smash bros, which is another game I love. I wish you would make it possible to earn coins offline. Also it would be really fun and great if you would add some more stages. Since there are only five, they start to get old after a while. The characters are really great, if a bit expensive, and a few new characters would be really awesome too. All in all, this is an extremely fun game I would definitely recommend, even if it does have a few issues I would love to see fixed.
  • Rekall Games
  • Hi there John, yes we’re working on some new arenas. Hopefully we can add them fast. Please join our Discord server (main menu social social media  Discord) to let us know which issues you want see fixed. Your feedback could really help us!
Overall combat is good and fast paced. I have some problems with the greek woman textures though. Athena shouls wear armor instead of that skirt thing she wears. A helmet would be ok. And cupid should recieve better clothes as well. Her current outfit is kinda hideous with that belt. Thanks dev for reading my OCD reviews and just keep going on. Ps. Fix asgard before copyright issues…. We see dat marvel
  • Rekall Games
  • Hi James, thanks for your awesome 5 star review, we really appreciate it! Yes we are working on improving our current characters and arenas, thanks for lettings us know! Please join our Discord server (main menu social social media Discord) if you have more feedback or suggestions for the game
This is probably one of the best 2D fighting platformers to ever exist on mobile. I love this game because it gives a feel kinda like ssb but it also plays like a 2D fighter like marvel vs capcom. This game has a lot of love from me and i will try my best to help out with this game to the best of my ability. (Ps: This is PresentFox from the discord server :3)
  • Rekall Games
  • Thanks PresentFox for your awesome support

SO smooth!! Honestly I can’t believe how fluid it is. I am begging you to release it for Nvidia Shield TV. This would be a “smash” hit with 4 controllers on Nvidia. (see what I did there?!)

Awesome game, can’t wait for the dope skins.

Played this game on beta and finally glad on their official playstore release. Awesome fast paced gameby indie developers. Controls are great. The devs are really kind and cool on the discord btw!
  • Rekall Games
  • Glad you like our game so much and thanks for your support!
This game is fantastic, I never thought that we could get touch controls that work so well for a frantic multiplayer game but these guys pulled it off! Give it a shot, great fun with friends and strangers alike.
  • Rekall Games
  • Thanks for your review Thomas. Happy to hear you like it
This game is fantastic, I never thought that we could get touch controls that work so well for a frantic multiplayer game but these guys pulled it off! Give it a shot, great fun with friends and strangers alike.
  • Rekall Games
  • Thanks for your review Thomas. Happy to hear you like it
Great game and great fun with friends! If you are a Super Smash Bros lover and you are looking for something similar to play multiplayer on mobile, this is it! Hope to see it grow, keep it up!
  • Rekall Games
  • Thanks for your review and support Nestor!

Great graphics and gameplay! Characters are well balanced too. Perfect alternative for Super Smash fans!

Looking good. We need more players online! Hope this helps

Works just fine! High Quality Graphics and intense brawl matches, various hero’s to choose from and all of them have different battle style! Never better, can’t wait for more :D
  • Rekall Games
  • Hi BKing, thanks for your awesome support!

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