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Terraria DIG! FIGHT! EXPLORE! BUILD! Join the community of millions of Terrarians!


“This is the full version of Terraria, built from the ground up… If you loved it on PC or consoles, you’ll love it here.” – Slide To Play

The very world is at your fingertips as you fight for survival, fortune, and glory. Delve deep into cavernous expanses, seek out ever-greater foes to test your mettle in combat, or construct your own city – In the World of Terraria, the choice is yours!

We recommend at least 2GB of RAM and a device from 2014 or newer. We support devices running Android 5.0 with 1GB of RAM and compatible graphics, but these devices may experience reduced performance.

MULTIPLAYER – Play with up to 7 friends on Local Wifi or Online via device-device Wifi hosted games or through the Mobile Terraria Dedicated Server for PC (available for free on Terraria.org)
TERRARIA REIMAGINED FOR MOBILE – Fully customizable controls and User Interface provide a level of polish and capability not previously possible!
Gamepad support – including fully-remappable buttons – Play with your Bluetooth connected gamepad where supported.
Full array of World sizes – Small/Medium/Large…the same size as on Terraria for PC! Now includes random world name generator and the ability to use World Seeds (including some hidden easter egg worlds)
Over 400 enemies to combat, defeat, and plunder for loot
Over 20 Biomes and Mini-Biomes to explore, both above and underground – from lush forests to barren deserts to dungeons, the underworld, and even the terrifying Corruption await!
Updated crafting with multiple added item options
Over 20 NPCs to discover, each providing their own benefits and unique style
In-depth building options that are easy to learn but allow for amazing feats of architecture in the hands of a master.
And much, much more!

In short, every pixel of Terraria has been reimagined and hand crafted for the BEST possible mobile experience!
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Terraria user reviews :

Great app! This was a game that made my childhood, but now it has just one little problem. The controls are over-exaggerated, and I recommend the developers should add a feature called “Classic Controls”, in which you would get the old controls. Besides the controls, everything is nice!

Superb, absolutely worth it. Online play needs some ease of use tweaks. Mobile version needs to be updated as concurrently with PC version. Pc version has a lot more to do. But still one of the best phone games I’ve ever played. Update: finally been updated! I have put a lot of time into this. By far the best game you can get in a phone. Would like a way to change button locations

Love this game, but for mouse & keyboard controls, there seems to be a bug where I cannot interact with certain items; as far as I know, the Money Trough and the Void Bag (when they are used) are unable to be accessed, the smart cursor shows I am hovering over the item, but no input seems to have any effect, but all other features of the game work as they are supposed to on Chrome OS so far. 6 Stars.

I don’t know why everyone is complaining about controls. It’s honestly better but that’s my opinion. You can also customize the controls to fit your style. Anyhow, if you love exploration games mixed in with survival, this game is right up your alley. It”s pixelated and cute, but don’t let that distract you with the monsters lurking within.

The new layout is kinda confusing, I don’t like it but I think I will get used to it. But the thing I don’t like the most is in the last update, when you open the inventory, the screen goes up to show the character like while you’re opening inv the screen goes up to see the character but now it doesn’t do that, it now forces me to zoom out or equip the thing to my hotbar, plz add this back. The buttons are good as they are, why change them.

I really love the new updates, but can you add a way to revert the inventory and pause/settings buttons to their 1.4.01 spots? The new placements seem strange (why would settings be in the middle left of the screen?), and since the buttons are on the far left, they sometimes become hard to click depending on screen size. If there was an option to move certain UI elements to their original spots, that would be great.

I’m writing this review pretty much after months of playing the game to fully immerse myself. I’ve just cleared the Moon lord and from what I can tell the bug-fixes and layout changes after countless updates finally paid off. The Double tap for dashes is much smoother and aiming became more Constant. After the previous update it’s definitely enjoyable now than it was about a year ago. would recommend once you get used to the controls

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