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[Game] Energy Manager

Energy ManagerAre you the next power and energy mogul?

Can you achieve a monopoly? In Energy Manager you create and manage your own power empire where you build it up from nothing to owning routes all over the world. Compete to be at the top of the multiplayer leaderboards and challenge your friends and other real life energy managers from all over the world.

2 game modes – EASY and REALISTIC
30+ energy source and storage types
160+ countries to start from
30,000+ cities to expand to

Utilize the power of an energy tycoon simulator to create a strategy where you can become as big as real energy key groups like Nextera, Shell, Aramco, Engie or Iberdrola and claim monopoly. Create, schedule and explore international connections between significant cities like Tokyo, New York, Paris, Madrid and Shanghai.
Track your network live when you designate redundant energy or when sun and wind is not on your side and production stands still.

You can play on two difficulties: either EASY or REALISM. Go the easy way to lower prices and increase profits or challenge yourself with realism where you have to be the manager of the smallest things like surplus prices and taxes.

Shape the future for everyone with a focus on sustainable energy sources and storage such as solar, wind, water, electric and nuclear. Make sure that cars, ships, trains, planes and trucks can get around without increasing pollution.
Coal, oil and natural gas power plants are available too if you want to cover all your bases.

Features include
Track your network LIVE
Manage your staff
Invest in rival energy companies
Put your company on the stock market
Create or join alliances with influential managers or friends
Both known and less known power sources
Buy and sell energy
Customize and upgrade wind turbines, solar panels, power plants and more
And much more!

Become the CEO of a vast network of energy and power and strive to take over the world and realize your dreams of a monopoly.
You got the power!

Note: An online internet-connection is required to play this game.

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Energy Manager user reviews :

Enjoying the game. Pretty straight forwards and easy to use, clear goals and effects of everything. Just wish there was a menu to click maintain all instead of individually checking the maintenence. Cos at this point I’m just clicking it every time as I’ve gotta go into a whole different individual menu I might as well do it every time.

Its a decent game, they could definitely make it better by showing you the available slots that are available in each grid that you want to biuld things in, also the ability to see ative actions and be able to adjust your bid would be nice that way you can try to get the bid. Also how much power is sold at when put in to the grid should be based on a nationwide average, from real life in the game, that would help with earning money but not stop people from buying extra money. Over all its good.

  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

This game is what it says…a management game. Once you have set up your power plants and storage units, it turns into a log in for 10 minutes every 6 hours to sell power, rearrange connections and buy new units to place. As with other management games… part of the fun is finding the most efficient setup. I use a spreadsheet to test various scenarios, log wind speed vs power output, etc. The problem with this game are the various bugs. Which is why I gave it 2 stars.

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at support[at]

I love the concept of this! My only issue is it takes way too long in regards to generation of power and such and selling etc. It’s fun and all, but could be better with a faster track and such. IDK. I know the devs work really hard so I know it’s going to improve as we go. All the games in the series have grown exponentially and I have no doubt this one will too!

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