Hero Assemble – Test your skills against formidable bosses

[Game] Hero Assemble – Epic Idle RPG

Hero Assemble

Dive into “Hero Assemble: Epic Idle RPG” where epic battles meet adorable characters. This mobile game merges idle gameplay with engaging action, allowing your adventure to thrive, even offline.

Epic Boss Fights
Test your skills against formidable bosses. Precision and strategy are key to victory.

Unique Skins with Stats
Enhance your heroes with skins that boost their powers and match your style.

Diverse Characters and Combos
Explore various characters and discover powerful combos for strategic victories.

Build your village
Unlock events and strengthen your heroes in your evolving village hub.

Boost heroes, break limits
Upgrade your heroes to unlock new abilities and exceed limits.

Interesting Stages
Each stage offers new challenges, monsters, and treasures, enriching your journey.

“Hero Assemble: Epic Idle RPG” is not just a game; it’s a growing adventure. Engage in battles, progress while idle, and enjoy a story that expands with you. Start your journey today and evolve with the game’s continuous adventure.

Hero Assemble user reviews :

Server connection sucks!! You don’t really know up until what point your progress were saved when it crash. Just got a purple equipment from summon, and the server connection just happen to be unstable when i level up the equipment. After couple of time trying to get back into the game only to find out that the purple equipment that i just got before the game crashed was missing, the growth level, the stage level and the dungeon was back to my last log in.

  • Greetings from CookApps! We’re very sorry about the issue that has been mentioned. If you could send an inquiry to our Customer Service, we’d be happy to help you out as best as we can! Here’s the link: playgrounds.oqupie.com/portals/2638

Lowered to 1 star because the game is impossible to play. Within seconds it gives a disconnection error and returns to the title screen. Buggy as hell. Insanely annoying because every time some tutorial starts and tells you to click something, if you are in a dungeon then the overlay freezes and you have to force kill the game.

Finally! I’ve been desperately searching for a genuinely fun and interesting gach/idle game, and for so long have had no luck. This game hits all the right notes for a fun and engaging idle game; unique and endearing characters, satisfying combat and progression and no annoying ads or paywall.

While this follows a “fulfill quest criteria” baseline, there is enough content (so far) to keep it fresh and interesting. Actually enjoying this one. This definitely needs a “x10; x100” option for ability building. Other than that, decent title to enjoy.

Pretty decent time killer. There’s a lot to do a figure out which can be both good and bad. It gets old though. The hero’s need some rebalancing, like 2 hero’s will do most of the work while the others are meh. I’ll kill most of the bosses because of one purple hero that does more than my red hero which is two tiers higher, orange not even in the top 5. And the draw rates aren’t great either so those higher tier hero’s max out in lvls quickly. I’m already burned out after 2 days

Great base game. But each update just adds more and more pay to progress features. Killing the game off quickly. Probably put about £12-15 on the game so far so it’s not like I’m a f2p player. Definitely considering quitting and refunding with how these updates have been rolling out.

  • Greetings from CookApps! Thanks for taking the time to leave our game a review. We are sorry to see that you were disappointed with the game. We’ll try to make the game more enjoyable in future updates!

I do not review games very often, but this game is calling to me. after one hour it’s game number 2 for me already . Have not had to watch a single add. I even see a remove add option, and I’ll get it once I figure out where adds are involved. it definitely does not seem like a pay wall game. it simple. lots of stuff is going on but on top of afk there’s auto gaming. I can chill back, drink a nice strong drink, watch some TV, and level like mad with a little micro management. 2 thumbs up

I like the game but I don’t know if it’s me or others are experiencing the connection error even though I’m using WiFi with strong connection and good quality it’s always saying connection error if I’m checking the leaderboard or the stage mission please help me I’m tired of always opening and closing the game I just want to enjoy it ….I’ll change it 5 star if the issue fix

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