Epic Cards Battle – Experience legendary battles

[Game] Epic Cards Battle

Epic Cards Battle  3D Strategic Trading Card Game(TCG) that you couldn’t miss!

Epic Cards Battle lets you experience legendary battles with friends and players all around the world!


Next-Generation Revolutionary cards battle game in 3D with hundreds of stunning battle visual effects. Players will actually experience the epic battles happening in front of them.

Abandon the brainless card games and play the real strategic cards game, 3 kinds of card types: Unit, Spell, Trigger. Build up your own cards deck to conquer your opponent.

Free-To-Play: Players could enjoy the fun without spending a penny.

Experience real-time match making and battle with players around the world.

Well designed game systems. Ladder, leaderboards, cards looting system, daily login rewards, daily missions, cards enhancing, battle replays, friends, chat system.

Campaign quests with lots of rewards, each quest is thoughtfully designed to be a puzzle waiting for you to challenge.

5 main factions: Shrine Alliance, Nature Force, Hell Legion, Fanstiya Empire, Dynasty Rising. 5 attack targets, 4 attack type and 4 armor type. Unlimited combinations of cards, pushing the limits of your brain.

Easy to play, Difficult to master. You can start immediately without knowing any rules of battle. Interactive tutorials helping you get the basics of this game quickly.

Supports asynchronized battle which allows you to play with friends anytime, you do not have to wait friend to be online. Just send or accept the battle request. It’s that easy~

Amazing game interface, artworks and legendary sound tracks music inspires you while playing.

(Supports multiple languages in game)

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Epic Cards Battle user reviews :

The games was good. The graphics are fine but it needs more improvement . It’s not all about money . But if you have need unbeatable deck you need to top please Improve your events also

The game is pretty good but its good if you gave starter rewards for begginers it need more decks to be honest and i like the game alot just neer more fee upgrade like events and rewards

3.5 maybe. Surprisingly fun. There’s actually thought and strategy involved despite the lack of interaction. Since it’s the beginning, getting cards is pretty easy…but once the game difficulty ramps up, ingame cash will probably be a lot harder to get. Also the store card pack rng is bad. I’m getting the same things over and over again. There’s got to be more commons/rares than that.

Dang Well Designed Game, it’s a bit hard at start but I’m one that likes a Good challenge, been playing for week now and actually summoned Epic Card from daily draw, Card draws Fair Rates no complaints here; I am glad to say this game is very Excellent thanks Devs I’ve waited for a good game like this for a long Time and bonus it’s Data Friendly, I’m loving it

Just began,getting the hang of it. Seems a little hard to learn from tutorial,probably better learn as I go. There isn’t an English speak on board.

Best strategic card game in my opinion. It is simple and fun to play and it has no complex mechanics like other card games these days.

Its a good game with a lot of depth, just give it time and you understand thta it is rewarding as well

The game is a fun puzzle solver style ccg, but it needs a bit more development as far as I’m concerned

Okay the game is fun and legit to play but the last uptade was in 2015 we are in 2019 sooo this will let die this game eventually, they doing nothing to improve it.

Have had a lot of fun with this game and not spent any money on it just got to grind

We need more Diamonds and more Rubys… Otherwise the games ok… Also could u maybe add a 3 replay limit per day on levels that give out cards so then we can reobtain these cards? That would get yall a 5 star rating from me if u did! Im a man of Culture: Wash my Back n ill Wash yours… Sound good?

Great card game even if it is p2p…. Please add boss raid at the campaign, guild war and increase the reaward gems.

Good experience. I just wished we could earn the diamonds in some other ways.

Good game to play quick to learn how to play

It’s a good game big time and I think the I’ve had fun thanks

I love the strategy, the best tcg fon the app store.

Looking forward to future development of this game it’s alot of fun

The best especially cause the girls sometimes have so little clothing

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