Epic Heroes War – Build up a powerful army

[Game] Epic Heroes War

Epic Heroes War  Epic Heroes War is a real-time strategy game, online side-scroller defense combines RPG. Build up a powerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battles with other players!

Key features:

an unique game on the Store
20+ heroes with unique skills
250+ items
20+ units
60 campaign levels, Online PvP, Domination, Challenge, Heaven & Hell map …
Boss fight
Social features
In-game event

Epic Heroes War user reviews :

this game for me is one of those game that I played where I enjoy because of not just its well made but the characters are mostly come from myths, legends and epics for me a lover of this kind f things I areciate how you handle the character making without being very far from your characters origin. Also I like those character animation when you tap the characters and they would show you brief knowledge about their skills its nicely made for me and its gives excitement to me

Very fun challenging and time-consuming and we got to put in a lot of work to get farther in the game but time flies when you’re enjoying it

Very good all round especially the fighters which are called hero’s. The only fault is how little you get and how long it takes. And finally get to titanium but no levels to play for. So if you have time and dollars you will enjoy very much grafics and fighting nearly five star

I’ve been playing this game for 3 yrs…i find it interesting at first untill it gets boring since lots of heroes we’re for VIPs or needed to be paid for…if this continues guess i gotta forget this game and find a better one…

Would be great game, if it wasn’t for all the crystal prices to progress. If there was reliable way to progress for anyone who dose not pay 500$ it would get 5 stars but sadly this is not the case. This is only pay to win.

This is one of the best games i ever played honestly the only problom i ahev is progressing through the game its kinda a pay to wim. Besides that its very addicting and i love the gameplay.

This game is one of my most favourite game but Divmob want to develop more campaign levels in Gia Heart

its so very quility in this game and beatiful hero its very hard to strong your hero then its many people playing in this game its great war on figting

First i lost my heros in arena. I try to find them but worth it and i cant to play with my opponent bcoz of i dont have diamonds to buy special heros always my result is fail. I love this game but cant to play so am going to delete it.
  • Hello, please send your username and your problem to divmobcom[at]gmail.com, thanks,

It was good time to play the game and I enjoyed the game very much but , I suffered very much of Internet and I have to login various time in game

Very good game & nice graphics. Easy to play lots of fun. Thanks very much dev. God bless you.

This game was greate I wish if I have all of heroes here. There are many typse of hereoes like gray, green, blue, violet and many more.

Awesome game, I’m playing it for 4 years. On the way to have a titan hero

This is best game it’s very best game I love this game so I played it care full it’s was very it’s best I think its ranked in play store 1st so all of you played this game I thin you like this game

One of the better rpg games I’ve played

A super cool game and I can’t stop playing it

I love thise game I wish there will be many GC

Decent but there is a HUGE pay wall when you get thanos. Only way to get around it is to stay playing 1 or 2 levels in the next Champaign mode for a 5-6% drop of one part you need & you need 5 of them to make the full item. Repeat that for 5 other things and hey you may actually continue on. Oh and daily login after your characters are purple suck. Login doesn’t contribute at all pretty much and there are still 3 more tiers above purple to get. Maybe if they threw a yellow at the end of 30 days it might be worth while but really you could skip playing this game unless you plan to be a whale.
  • hello, basically this is a free to play game, please join our community to see how lot of free player can finish the game and on the top leader board fb.com/groups/1084386934941167/

I really love this game,.. divmob thanks to the gift I receive 500 gems,..but please stop the advertisement,..user {x-l0st} that is number zero not letter

I love this game Please more gift codes

This game is nice but Improve imir

Cool I just love the heroes and soldiers and all the graphics and the way to play its waesome

Very good but need to have a way to get other heroes easier but other than that nice job

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