Big Helmet Heroes – Customize your hero and rule the arena

[Game] Big Helmet Heroes – PvP Arena

Big Helmet Heroes

Welcome to the world of Big Helmet Heroes – PvP Arena which’s gameplay is based on adventure, combat and fun.

Start playing Big Helmet Heroes game now and complete season quests, unlock rewards, and explore the universe! This game revolves around activities such as:

Customize character’s style
Play the minigame to win resources
Collect season pass rewards
Use your equipment to beat other players
Forge unique combinations of armours, swords, shields
Free your fingers with auto battler mode
Customize your hero and rule the arena

  What makes this game so special?

Big Helmet Heroes game is among the best fun arcade games where you can forge weapons and use them to defeat your opponents. The design of each piece of equipment is inspired by historical equipment from diverse cultures. Big Helmet Heroes offers five crafting materials: gold, steel, wood, obsidian, and pearl, which users can collect by winning combats. Each material gives you a different attack element and you have to use the right one against the right opponent.

This game has hundreds of items of gear and each of them can be leveled up and used in crafting with different materials to upgrade your hero’s abilities. You can also collect the same items multiple times to upgrade them. It’s time to equip your hero to be the fiercest knight!

Big Helmet Heroes offers choice between auto-battle or strategic turn based gameplay where you’ll fight against worldwide players with the help of robust gear. If your opponent has better gear than yours, the auto fight will be tough. Customize your weapons and gear parts, DIY style using craft materials, create the best attack and defence set that is sure to win. This online PVP game is based on these 6 features:

1. Forge and customize with materials:
This idle battle game is all about hero warfare, forging materials, and winning consecutively. Use each part of the gear and forge them into unique weapons, armours, and shields. Use the best material depending on their strengths and weaknesses to help you win in this hero warfare game. Your hero will have different epic animations and attacks depending on your chosen attack element (water, fire, etc.). This wholesome PVP combat game enables you to store three sets of gear and continuously switch to the one you prefer.

2. Unleash your power in Strategic Mode and Auto-Combat:
This arena fight game is the best PVP arcade game in town. It’s easy winning in this strategic turn based game when you practice winning daily. Play Strategic Mode with your own methods or launch the Auto Combat Mode and let your hero fight on their own. Play with worldwide players and improve your hero’s ability to win through forging better gear.

3. Auto collect and upgrade:
This online hero battle realm arena game allows auto collection of materials, bonuses, and rewards even when you log off. Use these materials to upgrade your equipment and become the best arena auto battler hero. Win as many trophies as you can to earn many gems. Use the best gear for your hero and make them the best knight ever.

4. Characters:
In this hero warfare game, you’ll be accompanied by Pablo, a silly pigeon who will teach you how to win and be there every time in need. The other ones are your machine, which will collect the PVP combat materials even when you log off. With each victory, you’ll be one step closer to mastering this wholesome fighting PVP game.

5. Invite your friends:
In this online battle game, you can add your friends and send them gifts. Customize your hero and rule the arenas with your friends in this all-in-one arena fighting PVP game.

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