Ezoterium – Match-3 RPG is waiting for you

[Game] Ezoterium – Match-3 Puzzle RPG

EzoteriumWonderful match-3 puzzle game!

Challenging RPG puzzle game where you need to match 3 or more matching tiles. Explore different puzzle levels, mix and match matching tiles and train your mind. Play an exciting match-3 RPG puzzle game with Ezoterium! Solve the levels and get more and more trained. Match-3 RPG is waiting for you!

Match tiles of three or more to complete puzzle challenges. Completing a level gives you a star – you need it to explore planets and unlock new characters. Collect enough stars to unlock new worlds and explore the entire Ezoterium: Match-3 Puzzle universe! Match 3 in a row in the exciting merge game. Mix & match to become the match master!

Wonderful match-3 game suitable for all ages. Play Ezoterium: Match-3 Puzzle with your friends and family and train your attentiveness. Match to win!

Our special features:
Unique puzzles on square and hexagon fields!
Challenging gameplay and exciting levels!
Fantastic worlds! Bright graphics!
Incredible power-ups and bonuses!
Relaxing music and sound effects!

Play an exciting match 3 puzzle game and explore different match 3 puzzle levels with Ezoterium: Match 3 Brain Teaser. Start playing wonderful match 3 puzzle game! Challenging brain games you need to combine match-3 more matching objects.

Match 3 and more matching tiles. Solve the levels and get more and more trained. Ezoterium Match-3 RPG is waiting for you!

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Ezoterium user reviews :

Challenging to difficult early on. Too many levels to progress to next world due to stars per level = 1star regardless of difficulty to zero stars if you dont make it on the 1st try. Stories are clever,tho.

Loved it! Until last update that took away ads for moves. Still like the game… But There isn’t an option anymore in the settings to get ads for lives and moves. Sad.

I love my puzzle games and this one is one of the most challenging. The puzzle changes with each move. There’s no way to know how the pieces will fall. Love the game but be ready to watch an ad or spend some money for extra game time. However, you get free game coin to buy extra lives the more you play.

It’s a match-3 game, with islands (each a single room) that you slowly populate with strange items & characters. Each one has a short background that you can read, all full of dry, somewhat twisted sense of humor. Also, the match-3 has some hexagonal boards, which take a bit to get used to. I love that variety!

I just adore this game. The graphics is great. Just a bit difficult in some levels

The game itself is very enjoyable. My only problem is that this app is money hungry! Not everyone who plays games can afford to continue to pay for extra moves. What separates great games and mediocre games, for me, is when you’re allowed to watch ads to earn more moves or can earn them other ways.

Challenging, fun & unique, and understandable free game has ads, but constantly pushing to pay or watch ads, ALMOST to where watching ads takes longer than gameplay!? You can, however, get plenty enuff watching those ads to play for hours and hours and have plenty to start with next time once you build up a stock of basic rewards and not pay any real money for anything you need to progress in stories. I Recommend.

Great graphics but some of these levels are impossible to complete. When you continue to keep trying the same level and can’t get thru it….an enjoyable game quickly becomes very UN- enjoyable. Considering deleting – no longer fun!

Love playing this game sometimes it’s a little bit hard to pass a level but it keeps me busy

I’ve been playing this game for a while still can’t figure it out but I’m not giving is fun challenging and I’m having fun playing it

Very dramatic i love it! TVOne problem though im having problems with the video graphics i can barely see the items amd the letters are so small. Id be rating 4 or 5 bc ive been looking for something different from zinga and toon blast for years and lots of money

I didn’t think I’d find a game I liked other than clock maker. I have been playing for almost 8 years. Well it’s coming to an end, Love this game great graphics, colors, and theme.

I love it. Very addictive and I love it. I returned 5 stars back as the problem with not possibility to earn more moves came back with the new update. The game has great team as all were worked out super fast.

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