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Castle CrushGreetings from Castle Crush, the PUZZLE GAME OF THE YEAR! Solve match-3 puzzles and build warm areas of your dream with the help of Spencer, your personal castle butler. Build and collect mansions, pools, and airplanes to start the amazing journey!

Let your intelligence and creativeness flow with the challenging match-3 levels! You will expeience exciting scene views, get endless rewards by decorating, swiping, and matching colorful cubes.

Solve HUNDREDS of challenging levels, you will never get bored playing this game!
Castle Cup, Team Competition, Battle Pass, Leaderboard, and numerous activities are held in turns!
Elaborately designed levels with obstacles such as Calf Bank, Juice Cup, Cupboards, and Mailboxes!
Unlock new areas and decorate rooms from the very beginning. You are the creator of your hotel!
Different bomb combinations can bring powerful effects!
Chance to get MYSTERY GIFTS to start the next level with Power-Ups!
Collect extra coins and special treasures at Bonus Levels!

What are you waiting for? Download Castle Crush now and enjoy your adventure!

Castle Crush will be updated with more puzzle levels, areas and chapters regularly! Stay tuned for updates and drop us a review!

Need help? We’re here to help you! Hotmail: castlecrush6217[at]
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Castle Crush user reviews :

Though this game is very similar to other games I am currently playing, I am really enjoying this game. The power ups are more powerful. Some of the levels are challenging, I only have to play them a few times to win. There are lots of opportunities to build up coins and power ups in the beginning. I have reached level 250 in just 2 days. Be careful when moving pieces or power ups as they tend to move the opposite direction than you intended.

Got all the way to level 30. Then the booster i used to destroy all the red books froze the game. Never mind that when i tried to combine two bombs together on my first moves on several levels the pieces moved in completely the wrong direction. I would swipe up to combine them and they would move only one left. This happened several times. I deleated the game. If your not going to let me move the way i want then what is the point of playing?

  • Hi, may we have your uid please? you can find it at the bottom of the feedback email. And if you couldn’t find it, please tell us your nickname and which team you are with. Please kindly send us a screenshot or recording of the problem to our hotmail (castlecrush6217[at] if you meet this again, it will help our IT team to locate it. Thanks

Honestly the only reason to give this “game” 2 stars is that the engineered point where it becomes almost impossible without spending money is slightly higher than most other of these cheap apps. You get about 100 levels until you will hit a frustration wall designed to make you want to spend real money on a pointless game. It’s a legal scam that they all do because morons actually pay it.

It’s one of the most satisfying and relaxing games ever played. If not the best. I have been playing it for more than 30 minutes since I downloaded it. I have seen NO ads. Castle Crush has the best graphics. I love this game so much. I will rate it 100 stars if I can. There are lots of boosters you can use to play for a long time. Trust me you will not need them that much and still play it for long. I hope the developers don’t push in ads to make it boring. I see ad, I will rate it 1 star.

6/4/23 – Most of bugs fixed. Still no reset to helps counters. Also, game is still choppy and slow. 2/6/23 I am really enjoying this game. Great gameplay with no ads.

  • Dear player, welcome to share your comment. We feel sorry for the negative experience caused. We have published a new version, please kindly update the game. Feel free to contact our support via Hotmail if the problem still happens. Thanks!

I like the but what I don’t, when the arrows come with moves that are available, it obligates you to do that move it doesn’t give the option to choose. For example, the game let’s you know to join a team & it doesn’t give me the option to choose. If I quit playing & come back to play it won’t let me proceed. I believe the players decide.

this is one of the better ones, but even this stops getting fun once the puzzles get harder. I don’t play this for the challenge, I play it as a fidget toy so the ones that you have to do the same level over and over again until you manage to get it aren’t fun for me. but it’s fun so far.

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