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[Game] Factory Inc

Factory Inc  You became a boss of the factory that can make anything.

Upgrade your machines, and make various products.
Hire the manager, and automate the factory.
Earn money easily.
Expand your business, and make more money.

Features of the Factory Inc.:

Be a boss to manage the management simulation.
20 more kinds of machines that have abilities from general class to legend class.
Various managers have their own ability.
More than 90 producible products, like furniture, smartphones and cars.
Earn Money even in offline.
Selling a Company system that maximizes profit.
Available Offline play!
Masterpiece of idle simulation game can automatically earn money.
More rapid production by tap.
Challenge Mode “Tap The Gold, Get The Money!”

Factory Inc user reviews :

The game is unplayable due to the ridiculous amount of ads that you have to watch, because the game just does not let you advanvce otherwise. You literally need to watch a 30 second ad every 30 seconds.

fun well made game but it needs a way to save progress and also to move saves from 1 phone to another (also ads don’t work for me, all i get is loading buttons everywhere…) will change to 5 stars if and when these things get sorted cuz the game is awesome

The only reason “my bff” is winning in the ad is because he started a long time ago, and “me” opened it right now. really whats the point of these ads? arent they supposed to tell you why this game is GOOD?

this.. is the most amazing and super cool inc that i have ever seen. well. i really enjoy it and my brother! and also a tip: you can just turn of the ads by turning off your wifi!. well. no problems at all! btw thank you for creating this game developer! and thats all! goodbye i hope we’ll see again!.

Great game! Although it’s great it would benice if there were some minor improvements.Oneof which being that when I start a factory I start off as stone, when I get stone quests I do them but when I move onto wood or higher items it gets really annoying to have to either watch ads to change it or to change the material to an older one when I’m doing well with the one i’m on. Please try to fix this; it will make a huge improvement to the game and i’ll be happy to see it! Thanks you for reading!

i loved all of the game… besides the part where you have to watch an add to do some of the best things. want to colect the prise from a achevement? you have to watch an add. want to just do some things? it forces you to watch an add by having a popup say “hey boss why dont we watch the video on this product?” it dosnt even give you a choice to say no! recomended if your ok with watching a lot of adds.

Great game but i am giving it one star because of forced ads! Nobody likes being forced to watch ads. I do watch ads when i need incentives and i like such ads but not okay with being forced to watch them without any incentives.

As someone adicted to these kinds of games, i enojoy this quite a lot. The ads are a LOT more forgiveing than many other apps, and the ads ALWAYS reward you with something usefull. I recomend this game 10/10. Oh and from daily rewards you can get free oil to get ad rewards without watching them. The ones that pop up every 15 minites can be skiped like four secondsin.

Good and fun game to play. No ads unless you click on them by accident. And doesn’t require wifi so you can play wherever you go, amazing game.

this game is a cool game turn off your wifi if you don’t want to see a ads there are some ads that give you money or boost and many more just turn off you wifi if yoy dont want that’s ad. This game is relaxing just for your son and mom this game is so fun!!!

Great game. I love that is kinda challengeing and all the machines are SUPERS. Cool we need more games like this!!

I think it is a bit ridiculous that you have to watch an ad to get the rewards from your achievements. I understand having ads, but that is overboard dude.

This is so much important I liked this one but im tired to clicking and clicking evertime but I still like this game im having excited I cant wait to play so much but I need to charge my tablet so it cant be that lag when it cant charge my tablet this game will lag evertime I must charge my tablet. Anyways I likes this so much of this game I rated 15 star but its so I only rate 5 star because its full (this game made by simtog Eliot M. bayino)this game I so much fun and this game is so good!?

Really fun game. I just wish there was an option to not have to watch so many ads.

I Love how I am the boss it is amazing a++++ for this game can you add combineing system select two machines to combine + you will lose that machine

It’s a good game hope we can get some updates to help with the loading problem when you try to claim the gems it just says loading

Great game. ive spent hours on road trips playing the bad things are that its kinda laggy and a lot of ads otherwise great

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