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Fairyscapes AdventureHow’s life going on after Princess married the Prince? Is it real that they live happily ever after?

Welcome to the world of Fairyscapes. Join Sophia to travel between real world and the fairytale land. While there, you’ll meet Princess Snowy, Little Mermaid, Bella, Cinderella and other characters. Help them to solve their problems and live in real life town.

Storybrooke features:

New Stories: Explore a new story after happy ending. Reveal Princess‘daily life in the real world.
Decorations: Decorate your own Town! Restore the houses, customize decorations, and help fairytale characters live a better place.
Explorations: Set on a mysterious adventure and explore the fairytale world: the enchanted Forest, the underwater Dungeon, the magic Palaze and many other fancy places in the fairyland. Save Fairytale land from unkown curse.
Characters: Meet different fairytale characters – Snowy, Little Mermaid, Bella, Cinderella…… Help them solve daily problems. You can change their stories if you want!
Build: Grow crops, raise animals, decorate your town and create your unique town for the fairytale characters to live.
Chioces: Make different choices in the story. This is going to be your favorite Fairy show!

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Fairyscapes Adventure user reviews :

I’ve had an issue with the mermaid task that tells me to send food to her but I can’t find her anywhere at all. Whenever I use search tool to search for her , it just points me towards the forest where there’s nothing at all. It’s so frustrating and I’ve tried to delete my account as well as restart from the very beginning but to no avail. I can’t get past the ninth day and completely stuck on it. Tried to ask for support but got no response from the help team. My user ID is – 1188218

I love this game but I’m disappointed that twice trying to play the game and the game keeps bugging and stops loading a certain part of the story. I cannot continue the store because it won’t load the quest for building the third home. It never loads but you can keep playing the game just not the story.

I like the games before, spent real money sometimes.But after the update the game is going to be very bad.Lots things is changed and lost and also can’t complete the new story.Say go back to complete another story which is already fully DONE and closed. Otherwise can’t continue the new stories..can’t go back and can’t continue, so after few months plays and wasted money I need uninstall and reinstall the game to start again from the beginning if I want to continue this stupid games..no way

  • Dear player, would you send us your user id in the game setting panel?

I liked this game until the update. Now Ive lost things I bought and I’m starting at square one. Ive lost the arcade, when I craft something for a house I can’t place it because it doesn’t show up but says it’s in my bag and it’s not. I had to waste energy to uncover the cattle shed I spent 4000 coins on and it still won’t work. And they won’t answer emails and fix it.

  • Dear player, would you send us your user id in the game setting panel?

Fun game until the update. Was really enjoying this game until the latest update, last night 10.28.22; made me restart the whole story. Didn’t matter that I had my Google or Facebook account attached to the game. I was 4 or 5 levels in. Unless this error is fixed, it is highly unlikely for me to continue playing. I’ve already spent over a month in this games completing challenges and spending my money on the game. Doesn’t seem fair.

  • Dear player, would you send us your user id in the game setting panel?

It’s cool and all. Fun for a bit. But I’ve put in two reports about a bug and no response. Uninstalled and reinstalled and same issue prevails. I can’t decorate homes anymore and if I click the quest it bugs out and freezes and I have to close. Everything else works besides the home decor part.

I love the game, but I am unable to get past aliyah house everytime I try to bring it up it freezes the whole game and I have to go to my home screen and delete my activity before I can even get back I to the game. I tried to contact you all an no answer. Other than that it is a cool game. I’d give it more stars if I could progress without freezing.

It was a good game with an interesting storyline until I hit a glitch in the game that is keeping me from being able to further any progress. The in game support is not returning any messages and it’s been a week or so of me trying to reach someone, but nothing.

Loved this game until the latest update took all of the items I had built for Snowy’s house. Started to rebuild, but my items are placed under the grounds construction and can’t be used. Also, the train is no longer at the station even tho my tasks require fulfillment of train orders. Sorry guys, but the update wrecked this game

  • Dear player, would you send us your user id in the game setting panel?

I really like this game, because it’s really easy to play. At first I didn’t know how to get the extra buildings, if you don’t have money to spend on the extra money you have to sell things and build it up that way it takes a lot longer but it’s well worth it. And the games really fun so just keep trying on things you get stuck on

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