Falling Puzzle – A new gameplay experience

[Game] Falling Puzzle

Falling Puzzle  A new gameplay experience that will give you an unprecedented level of satisfaction. Beautiful game screens allow you to stay in it and spend a lot of time.

How to play:
1, Moving the block horizontally and filling the entire line will eliminate it.
2, The elimination of mobile games in the new style of play.
3, A nice concert will let you completely relax.
4, The fresh style of painting will make you love it.

Game introduction:
The addition of the revocation item will make you feel comfortable playing.

This is a completely free mobile game. We hope that our game will let you relaxing, and it is suitable for all ages, and you can call your family and friends to play together.

Falling Puzzle user reviews :

I’m normally fine with some ads. I get it – it’s a free game and in return, the dev makes money by selling ad space. This is a bit egregious though. Switch windows to answer a text? Ad every single time when you return. 15 second game? Ad before a new one. Sometimes ad in the middle of game play for no reason. The banner ads are also super easy to click on accidentally, which then take you to the browser. Oh, returning to the game after accidentally clicking an ad? That’s another ad break.

It’s a new brain game that not only tests your problem solving skills, it also is constantly training your brain to solve the single equation several different ways. Did i mention it’s also fast moving. I just started playing it and i’m almost up to 6,200 points on a single level, the description was spot on for how it’ll make you feel cause I feel pretty darn proud of myself right now. Keep up the good work guys!

Good graphics, nice look, and cute sound effects. Ads are not intrusive at all and hardly an inconvenience. My only issue is that the game play becomes entirely too dependent on the single block pieces very quickly and you don’t get them nearly as much as the game requires. It just needs a little more balance and it would easily be a 5 star game.

Too many ads!! Starts out hard and then you have very few moves and can’t restart watching an ad. It literally forces you to watch an ad before you can restart game! Thought this was a great looking game and excited to try it but can’t get past the first level after the tutorial. There are no setting buttons and the other rewind and arrow just give you ads!! I’m sad that I can’t play this but there is no real point in playing when its ads, ads, ads!!! Uninstalling!!

Falling Puzzle is a block matching game that’s a lot of fun, it’s easy to play for low scores and a bit of a brain teaser for high scores. It can be quite tricky. Only Ad’s at end of game or a short one if you watch an Advert you can continue your score by blowing up a few lines of blocks. Easy. Good to play. Addictive, so it’s hard to put down! Enjoy!

This would be a great logical game, and amount of ads is good (they don’t break the pace of the game). But… Bugs. If you take a move back, you never can be sure what will happen (it doesn’t take last move back for sure). Sometes you have some good move, say the move causes 3 lines to be removed. And you get back 5! So you are getting punished for a good move? I’m sure it’s not a feature, as it doesn’t always happen, just seems some logical errors.

Love the game, hate the glitch I’m experiencing. I purchased no ad and it worked great until I switched to a new phone. Now, the ads are back (which is fine) but I have no option to get rid of the advertisements. The game registers my phone as paid for no ad but STILL gives me advertisements. I wouldn’t mind paying for it again but I don’t even have the option to do that. I’m stuck watching it even though I laid for it. So irritating.

Honestly, first time I have ever felt moved to rate a game!! Addictive, challenging, fun, satisfying, engaging yet relaxing all at the same time really doesn’t do it justice! Can be frustrating to start with but persevere and you will figure it out. Tutorial or clues might be nice. Ads are definitely annoying. Enjoy!! Pete

Are you a fast thinker and know how to strategically solve puzzles then this is the game. The outcome of the game is solely dependent on you and how much you can maintain the puzzle from filling up the screen. There isn’t any challenge in the game or anything new just the same thing every time which is downfall. So you are to challenge score every time you play and see how far you can get in beating the high score of 2 million All the best

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