Famous Fashion – Stand out in the fashion race

[Game] Famous Fashion – Dress Up

Famous FashionDo you love dress up and fashion games?

Famous Fashion game is the perfect gift for you. Make an outfit combination according to given theme to toast collage on the runway. You can be a model, baddie, dancer or celebrity. No matter if you are a girl or boy, you are the fashion designer. It is your time to shine, dress to win this fashion battle.

Easy, fun game mechanics.
Make your combine and match the given theme
Score your opponents
Stand out in the fashion race

Join this highly addictive 3D fashion dress up game and become the top fashionista. Create your own fashion story now

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Famous Fashion user reviews :

Do not play this game there are ads one after another to may half breaks and you have to have the perfect outfit just for a good score. If you rate the other peoples outfits honestly and you give them a bad score then they will give you a bad score even if yours was the closest to the actual outfit. It keeps lagging and the only reason I gave this game 2 stars is beacause it has a mirror to see if your outfit is acuarate.

terrible controls, there’s ads after every other item you put on and the grading system for the outfits.. well there’s one specific outfit for each theme that you have to pick for a good score.

There are so many ads one after another, i dont like the controls at all. The game is kinda fun but i would have loved to rate it 5 but the above are mentioned is the truth

Terrible walking controls, too much ads, too many breaks, and it lags way too much. It’s not worth it to download it was a waste of space.

This game has a lot of I’m talking a lot of ads so much and the animations need to be fixed and the maneuvering of the game and they need more clothes, makeup, hair, accessories, and more colors available for the hairs. And the place where we design are avatar Need more designs and adjustments they need more colors. I also feel that the people that you are against is Ai not a real person the problem is that they don’t put a proper clothes for the challenge no they just put random stuff thanks

At first I loved it, in fact I liked it so much I paid for no ads so I could have a better experience which the game was working just fine when I still had ads but as soon as I got rid of the ads the game started freezing on me and now when ever I try to play it, it just sits on the loading screen. I tried to wait for the loading screen just to wait 3 hours for it to still not load, the game is not worth anyone’s time and definitely not worth spending money on that was my mistake

I normally do not leave reviews, this game has WAY too many ads, every time you spend a ticket they play an ad and it’s really annoying, they literally have this game on roblox I would rather just play that and not have to deal with ads. I understand it’s a free game but 10 ads during a 1 min round is annoying!!! I’m uninstalling.

I liked this game at first, but then here came the ads. There are WAY too many ads, and you’re playing with AI robots, not people, and they just put on the wrong outfits on purpose, so you always win and there’s no fun in that because there’s no challenge. I would NOT recommend this game at all. Thank you

It’s amazing! I’ve played this for so long and no ads at all! It’s exactly like in the ads and it’s so fun! You never know what theme you get!

So many adds!! Every round you get these things called ‘break time’ and there are 2 each round! They are adds and you also get an add when you start and end! You get 5 adds every round! Wouldn’t recommend. Fun game but way to many adds.

This games very fun. But u should add more time. And the break time its frustrating. Well everything else is nice.

The idea is great but it glitches to much, there is an ad every two second before and mid game to the point where I lost a match because of an ad and the timer continued to count down while I was stuck in the ad.

its so fun and interesting but there is a issue that is its having a lots of ad so l request you to less the ad and no more complaint

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