Train Station Railroad – Explore new train stations and factories

[Game] Train Station Railroad

Train Station RailroadTrain Cliker is one of the most interesting strategy game with a lots of trains and railroads!

The gameplay motivates you to explore new train stations and factories, feel like a pioneer! You don’t need to constantly click the train stations to earn resources. You can stay idle and resources will be gathered even if you are away in auto mode. Upgrade railroads and discover new train station. Mine resources and develop factory to expand the possibilities of the visible universe.

Hire managers to mine more resources and leave them to manage stations, productivity will grow under their station. Learn new skills to accelerate the development of your expedition.

Free idle clicker game.
No Internet connection or Wi-Fi required.
Many train stations and an infinite number of railroads to mine more resources.
Idle/Auto Mode.
Mine resources even if you are away.
Explore new towns.

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Train Station Railroad user reviews :

I lost interest when I discovered that your research knowledge doesn’t persist when you travel to new cities, even though you’re still the same person.. Also some of the numbers are a little hard to read. Pretty game with a solid concept, no bugs that I noticed either.

  • Hi Peter! Thank you for your detailed feedback! Our team will take it into account in the further development of the game.

Overall this is an alright idle game. I feel that the crafting system could be made more fun if it were fleshed out more. It is very satisfying just to watch the trains run back and forth carrying raw resources, but it was disappointing that all the resources just return to some central location. I was really hoping to get to see a big rail network after I spent some time upgrading my buildings and buying new industries.

  • Hi Michael! Thank you for your feedback! We are very glad that you liked our game!

For the individual wishing to waste time doing nothing, this game is a perfectly mind-numbing opportunity. This is a really boring game! That is why, after 2 hours, I uninstalled. Let them try to put a positive spin on why others might want to play the game. Let them offer their apologies and explain how they are trying to improve the game. But the two hours invested, I consider a total waste of time.

  • Hi Samuel! We are very sorry that our game turned out to be boring for you. Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into account in the further development of the game!

I want to love it… As the game is very chill and satisfying, but when I get certain adverts to get the chests etc you can’t exit the advert once it’s finished. Constant loop to try and make you download it.

Could’ve been a simple, chilled bit if fun… but has issues. crafting items consumes the materials but doesnt make the item sometimes. Not only that, I had an issue I thought I couldn’t progress the power station because it was bugged, i thought it said 46, it’s 4G, I go from 999million to what would normally be a billion. But it’s just turns to a 1G. This makes no sense, at the beginning of the game. Such a high cost for the first progression. I dread to think the rest will cost

  • Hi The Jackal! We are very sorry that you have encountered such a problem in our game! Please tell us in more detail, which item was not added after crafting? If it is convenient for you, you can contact our support service by mail help[at] with an indication of the game and the problem and we will try to help as soon as possible. Thanks!

It won’t let me play the game it gets to the second task after downloading and it won’t let me claim my rewards

  • Hi Junior Mabry! We are sorry that you faced this issue. Please email help[at] with your problem. Specify the subject of the message “I need help!” and we will do our best to resolve your issue as soon as possible!

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