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Cashier 3D

Would you like to run your own store and be a manager? It’s super fun and easy with Cashier 3D which is a supermarket simulation and cashier simulation!

Forget all other restaurant management and hyper job games you’ve played before, Cashier 3D is the best hypermarket simulation game! You’ll enjoy buying and selling items as your store grows and customers come in!

In this game you are a supermarket cashier in a supermarket mania! So do not keep your customer waiting too long! Manage your cash register correctly and count money quickly! Get ready to be rich and upgrade your store. Just like idle supermarket games, your customers are in a race, running around the store looking for more! Sell old items and buy new ones. Unlock new 3D items; grocery, games for kids, fruit ranch, booze, phone charge, instruments for sale, selective clothes and designer shoes!

Imagine the registers in a store or bankers, they are so good at counting money. Cashier 3D is also a super fun money game for kids to learn counting money and calculating change. Just like a hyper teacher.

Join our cashiers, become the employee of the month, and show them who’s the best hypermarket manager!

Cashier 3D user reviews :

It’s a relaxing, banal game that I didn’t expect much from after looking at the graphics. It’s still fun to progress, but there’s so many ads, even after I paid to get rid of the ads! Plus, it seems as though I’ll be stuck on the Halloween level FOREVER. The game doesn’t increase in difficulty or anything… please update the levels… please give new challenges. Thank you.

Its a pretty cool game. You have to turn off your wifi to really be able to play since there are SO MANY ads. Its relaxing honestly, and it can teach kids about money. The reason I gave 4 stars is because it would be nice if the levels got progressively harder instead of being super easy throughout the whole game. Other than that, fun game. Would recommend playing it without wifi though.

The advertisement makes the game look like fun but when you download it there are so many advertisement I personally think it is a waste of time and not worth downloading. I do not recommend for any one who thinks it would be fun. 6he advertisement makes the game very hard but it is super easy and does not entertain. To conclude the game sucks and I do NOT recommend.

I like the game it’s actually pretty fun. It’s pretty calm and i like chashier type of games so maybe that’s why it isn’t boring to me but most of the reviews are saying it’s boring and it has to much adds. About the add part you can just turn airplane mode on and there will be no adds. And for the boring oart, it really just depends on what type of games you like. If you like challenging games this one is definitely not for you.But if you like calming games this one is great!.

Don’t get me wrong the game was fun what it is but if we’re being honest here it gets really boring after while of doing the same thing over and over I didn’t expect much but you could of at least put like locations of stores you have to compete to move onto the next or giving it some concept of something instead of just scanning giving change and to the next customer

This game is cute and has potential. Ive been playing awhile and the only time you use the number pad is for VIP customers. I wish we could do that… actually add different items using the number pad on the cashier machine. I dropped my star rating from 3 to 2 because I PAID for no ads and everything I do or want eXtra, I still have to watch ads even touching the alarm for the thief, I have to watch an ad. Ridiculous

Edit to say that more than a year later, still waiting for the upgrade.. Good game. Overall enjoyable. Been waiting for the store upgrade since October. I want the new upgrade!

This game is pretty cool. However, there are some glitches in the game. The one dollar bills often have a 10 on them when giving a customer change and sometimes when trying to place money in their correct spots it says its the wrong spot even when its not. Other than that it is a good game. Fix those issues and I will give 5 stars.

I really enjoy playing this game, I love working with money or acting as if I’m a cashier it’s super fun! Only thing I have a problem with is when the person is done playing and it comes to an ad it just goes to a black screen so then I have to go to home and then go back in. When I go back into the game it does the same thing. I also wish that each section of money comes with at least an amount instead of having to work for the money, great game just needs a little more work

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