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[Game] Fantasy Raid – Diablo-like RPG

Fantasy Raid  Immortal devil has awakened and plunged the world into chaos.

Pick one of the heroes and face it in this action fantasy RPG full of story cutscenes, random loot and hordes of enemies who are just asking for you to destroy them with your powerful skills!

Classic diablo like free action role-playing game

Tired of games where you’re not in control? Polygon Fantasy is a free modern take on old-school hack and slash action top RPG. There’s tons of randomly generated loot, character skill customization, passive attributes, cool perks, socketed items, crafting, merging gems… everything you would expect from a deep diablo-like game. Explore rich environments, darkest dungeon full of traps and mystical places, all full of enemies – regular mobs, champions with randomly generated powers and cool boss monsters, with types like humanoid, demon, animal, undead or even plants. All that on mobile, free and with online features including permanent save in cloud!

Twisted Realm is a place of immortal evil and shadow legends which only the most capable heroes can hope to raid. Play as a blade bound warrior, a nimble rogue, a witch blazing with powerful magic, or some other character – or all of them! Level-up, choose new skills and find or craft the best equipment you can. The possibilities are endless. When Realms clash, heroes must act!

Archetypes like powerful Barbarian, shapeshifting Druid, arcane Wizard or Necromancer commanding powerful dark souls are present, but there are also new exciting options.

Intuitive controls
We believe that simple controls are important for player comfort while depth of gameplay mechanics is a must in this genre. We are shifting from old-school eternium-like controls so you won’t have to tap all over your display, but you will be always in perfect control of action. Movement is done by virtual joystick with skills and attacks activated by buttons – similar to mobile MOBA games and other top-down RPG games.


7+ unique player characters to choose from!
Hack and slash gameplay typical for RPG games
Captivating story mode spanning 4 acts in completely different locations: beautiful forests of Blade Valley, elder Eternium Desert, Exiled Kingdoms of Twisted Realm or ice-covered Northern Empire where it is only a matter of time before yeti or blizzard ends your life
Randomly generated loot
A great variety of enemies with randomly generated abilities: goblins, demons, humans, dragons and various magical monsters
Intuitive controls
Looting gear, merging, crafting – everything you love in diablo-like role playing games
Become undisputed dungeon hunter in our grim dark Endless Dungeon mode with random generated floors
Seasons, each with amazing rewards for everyone
League – become one of legends with online leaderboards with divisions and epic rewards, bringing that MMORPG feel of PvP and challenge to your single-player experience

Multiple characters and companions to choose
Melee, ranged, mage… you can have it all. Choose your favourite class or enjoy all of them, each one with many unique skills and even some class-bound equipment. You can also unlock and level-up many different companions – cute but deadly animals, humanoids, or even powerful dragons.

Single player RPG adventure of epic proportions
Polygon Fantasy has an epic fantasy RPG games story. In the distant past, Creator Heroes have chosen path of exile of magic and evil creatures. But the evil is spreading throughout the world once more and it is up to you to figure out ways to stop dark lord and maybe you’ll uncover dark secrets.

Disclaimer: The game is free-to-play mobile RPG with online features. It requires internet connection and offers completely optional in-app purchases.

Jump right into the world of Polygon Fantasy and become a hero!

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Fantasy Raid user reviews :

It’s nice. I’m only a few levels in so far but the audio and visuals are good, the controls are intuitive, and the ads are optional. However my character’s pupet broke on level one and he looked floppy and goofy for a bit lol. It went back to normal as soon as the level ended so as far as bugs go; its not that bad, just funny.

Game is okay for short periods. Ads will very often not give rewards causing you to watch multiple more to either get them or freeze/bug out/crash the game which will undo any progress made, especially on your current/last mission. Appears to be an issue with targeting AI, especially with Archer class. It will easily target AI out of your range but has trouble targeting units in your range, sometimes even in front of you it still won’t target them, you have to run around and keep trying.

fun game. only bug experienced so far is one where a weapon or armor moved to stash with a similar type already stored earlier with weaker stats (bows, swords,leggings or shields) for example will change into an exact copy or duplicate of said older item. overall, not a bad game at all. 3 stars + 1 Xtra for the ART STYLE!!!

The game has potential . I rated it 2 because of the problems I saw in the few minutes I played it : 1. The game is p2w because : – watching videos is very limited. – geting stuff is forced through those crystals that are very hard to get. – lvling is pretty easy so to force players to want stuff. 2. Grafics are so-so . 3. Game is unidirectional … basicly players follow what the game gives them instead of freedom of the open world fighting and hoarding stuff and lvlin

It’s a watered down Diablo rip-off that monetized everything it possibly could, filled it with Ads, and has a few annoying bugs. It’s fun for a bit but they’re doing everything they can to just make you spend money or watch an Ad.
  • Alda Games
  • Hi, Thanks for the feedback. We believe that game can be enjoyed without spending money or watching ads, but there are definitely benefits in one or another – that is the only way we were able to create and maitain the game. We are sorry that it is too much for you and damages your enjoyment.

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