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The Tale of Food3 New characters will be introduced alongside the rollout of the new version ‘Spring Nimbus’!
Login for 7 days during the event to claim ‘Peach Petal Congee’ for Free!
The drop rate for new Food Souls will also be boosted!

A Fantasy Adventure
Embark on a 2-million-word fantasy adventure as the descendant of the Food God. Collect and nurture Food Souls as you explore time and space! Interact with them closely and record every precious moment.

Incredible Voice Acting
Meet with Food Souls in [Kongsang]! The Tale of Food is fully translated into Chinese, English, and Korean with voice overs for all characters! Top voice actors’ dubbing for all characters makes them alive, offering you an immersive experience!

100+ Cute Characters
Collect 100+ characters and enjoy the lively expressions of each unique Food Soul. Immersive interactions with Food Souls help you unlock exclusive voice, stories and letters as you create lasting memories.

Micro Manage Your Restaurant
Run your restaurant together with Food Souls. Send them to grow veggies, catch fish, and enjoy a fulfilling farm life. Or let them handle the cooking as you serve your customers from dynasties past!

DIY Home Decor
Make your house a home! Unlock themes, collect furniture, and mix and match styles to make a home that’s uniquely yours! Fix the look and the feel of the home that belongs to you and your Food Souls.

Custom Battle Lineups
Form your battle lineup with Tanks, Healers, Damage Dealers, and Support roles. Utilize AoE, Poison, Sunder, or Damage Reflect skills and gain an edge in battle!

Official Communities
Official website:

System Requirements:
Android: Android 7 or later; Available Storage: 4G or higher, 2G RAM.

The Tale of Food user reviews :

Rather than being a otome game, it gives me alot of those anime gacha games! and chinese history thingy. It has fun events, character and stories. My time will pass away like it was nothing. This game needs more attention.!

This is a great game! Too bad I didn’t pre-register. I saw the ad for the game late. The art looks so good and gameplay is turn based so it is really strategical. I love the characters so much. I just wish that there is a skip button in battles that I already finished. Skip tickets are better than x2 tickets. I also want to use other voices without changing the language of the game.

I love the game so far! The art is beautiful and the amount of stuff we can do is fun. I also love the being able to pick your protagonist. I just wish there was an option to change the VA language without having to change the entire game language. Some of the ENG voice acting comes out a bit strange. I also think we would benefit from a blitz action to clear other stages quickly instead of leaving Fight On on and just waiting.

This game is stunning and has beautiful character art – a real gem in the rough. The only problems are the glitchiness in terms of a story not working (dialogue gets frozen in Chapter 1 stage 3 ‘Have we met before’), there are grammar issues in the English version and when I go to the album to replay a story the entire game freezes. If these are fixed this game us a solid 5 stars, keep up the great work dev team!

Beautiful and crisp graphics, and there’s SO much to do, so being stuck in a level is never boring. However, (1.) there are some English translations that are incomplete/cut off. (2.) Please make audio + text seperate, I want to enjoy the voices in another language with the English text. (3.) PLEASE include the name of each voice actors! You can include this in the butler selection. (4.) Make auto battles into skip battles for levels you’ve cleared before, like in guild battles.

Love this game and I play it all the time. It explains the mechanics really well and has a very vast cast of unique characters that you can easily grow fond of. The only thing I wish is that I could play with a different language but English subtitles or an auto complete battle feature in resources area. But other than that a super fun game and would definitely recommend!

I like the art style very much the chibi one is so cute!! The gameplay itself is enjoyable with all the strategies. It would be nice if we can choose the va language without have to change the game language. The peak hour is very unique for me (to get shell and the keepsake XD) Overall very fun to play but sometime a little bit hard with all of the technical aspect of the game.

Soft, detailed character designs with a wide expanse of activities to do. So far, as I’ve been avoiding over levelling my characters, the battles showcase some good strategy options. The story and voice acting are both fine as well. The entire game has kept me entertained with its attention to small details that I appreciate a lot. However a side note, there’s a bit of a lag after the loading screens, which has me waiting for a few seconds before tapping on another action.

I really like the art and there seems to be a broad range of things to do, so I’ve found my distraction for a while to come. The voice acting seems solid and the game is quite polished from a mechanic standpoint. For example there are quality of life things like auto modes, built in guides on how things work. The game engine is good, with snappy load times and nice transitions.

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