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[Game] Farm Jam – Parking animal

Farm JamMeet the Farm Jam parking game, a brilliant mix of a farming simulator and a traffic puzzle in a beautiful 3D games form. You’ve just bought a ticket for a township farm sightseeing… Take your seats, lads, we’re going to Ol’ Sharpeye’s farmland!

Farm klondike adventures

This big farm & animals is my life, folks, and I’ve been living here since the day I remember myself. My parents got this klondike from their parents, and their parents got it from their parents… you get the idea, huh? Some important hunks from the city tried to buy this harvest land, but they couldn’t fool the Ol’ Sharpeye! They laughed at me when I told them about strange things that happened here…

No place for their farm games

You won’t believe me, but I’ve seen some suspicious pig games… Farm animal games are fun till tourists think that those are just cute farm animals – but they aren’t, trust me! I believe that it’s the pig who’s plotting against me. I wish you’d seen its tricky face – animals’ games start soon, I feel that. If you’re not a chicken, come and help me – we’ll stop those animal games!

Ssh, keep the noise down

Hey, you! Yes, you! Don’t listen to that old killjoy Fred. Yeah, raise your jaw, I can speak. He told you about the animal jam we have here, right? NO? That’s how things go here, kid. Just like that traffic jam you had on the way here, it’s not fun when you have too many roommates in a cell that’s called “the farm”. You won’t leave poor animals in need, right? Good.

Like car parking games and farm animal games, but different

All animals stand in the corral, and you should send them to the right escape zone in the right sequence. Some farm animal games offer a standard farm simulator here – but this is not the case for this puzzle game! Your main objective in traffic games is to unblock and release all the animals from the farm’s paddock. It’s a memorable 3D puzzle where you’ll train your dimensional and creative thinking. Keep in mind that animals can move both backward and forwards. And remember, when the night is coming down, you should free all the animals before the dark.

Like in most farming games, our puzzle game will bring some intricate moments: electric fences, carts, and old Fred are on the way to animal freedom. It will make the “connect animal” task more challenging. Think twice before the move in our parking game. Trust us, if you like block puzzle games or matching puzzle games, Farm Jam is your destiny!

Areas in our logic game

It is hard to believe, but old Fred had quite a stormy youth. Wanna discover his stories in an easy game? Perfect! Open AREAS! Build up all corners of the farm and unveil the secrets. Complete the levels, earn stars, and create the best farm ever. Fred, his beloved Rose, and his faithful dog Bruno will lead you through the countryside journey. At the end of each area, there is an excellent surprise for you. Exciting, right?

Boosters in hard games:

HINT creates a couple in the stall when you get stuck.
SHUFFLE mixes all animals and creates new moves.
CELL adds extra space in the stall.
REVIVE gives you another try on the level.
LAMP lights up the field on the levels with a timer.
TICKER adds more time to the levels with a timer.

All our animal survival games and parking games offer unique features:

1. Soothing countryside visuals: fields, farms, meadows, and forests await you!
2. Join the gang: humorous personalities in this casual game won’t just let you go – follow the rules, human, or else! Hilarious animals & games combination.
3. Form the queue on our animal farm: you should release those animals in a certain order.
4. Love is in the air on the farm. Match animals of the same color to make a pair.
5. A game of challenge: try to slip past the farmer’s watchful eye and avoid all the obstacles on the farmyard in our moving game.
6. Play our match game with the sound ON for a fun entertainment experience.

Farm Jam user reviews :

Update: I really don’t mind the ads and enjoy the game. However, I am VERY tired of seeing the same ad over and over and over and over…so sick of the Tangled Snakes ad. I end up closing the game and not playing as much because of the repetitive ads. Show me different ads. I agree with everyone. I HATE the timed levels. I play to relax and stretch my brain and the timed levels stress me right back out. We need an option to skip a timed level. I hate them worse than commercials!!

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. We will think, how we can improve your experience. It is important for us!

Slowly grows in difficulty. Pleasantly surprised. I hope they continue to update and expand on it because there’s a lot of room for growth and this game could be so much better. Like not trapping us in a 4 second long animation at the end of every level and allowing us to play previous levels, but any complaints are all trivial and I’m enjoying it. Also NO COMMERCIALS! Just the rare pop up between levels.

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. We will think, how we can improve your experience. It is important for us!

Challenging, GREAT GAME!! – very few, if any, ads – it does a great job ramping up level of difficulty as you continue – I wish the points you get would reflect difficulty, more difficult, more points – I’d also like to suggest, let me use some of those points to “buy” more of those control symbols. The only time you get more is when you’re awarded a chest when you complete an area (or you can actually buy more with your credit card) – cheesy background, the farmer, etc

  • Hello, thank you for the feedback! We have just added another way to earn rewards: there is a counter on the main screen which you need to fill to get more, hope you like it!

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