Park of Monster – A world full of monsters and magic

[Game] Park of Monster

Park of MonsterWelcome to Park of Monster!

This is a world full of monsters and magic!

You can merge all the same items to get a better one and evolve your monsters!

1. Hundreds of monsters to be evolved.
2. Lots of stages for you to explore.
3. Attack others to get more resources.
4. Play together with friends all around the world.
5. Build the union to fight together.
6. Real-time communication with players all around the world.

Park of Monster user reviews :

The majority of the game is great. Cute monsters, good progression, levels are interesting. My big complaint is the battle against other players. It’s strictly a numbers game. The monsters you have for attack vs. what they have for defense. And I have been ONLY pitted against players whose numbers are FAR higher than mine for months!! Sure, you get to keep the loot you got before the battle started. But I lose most battles! Edit: No change with battles in over a year. Still giving only 4 stars.

  • Dear Bonnie , thank you for your feedback. We will take it into consideration as we continue to improve the game. We hope you continue to enjoy playing!

I have mixed feelings about the game. I love its graphic and its diversity of the mergeable items, which is keeping me to replay its after quitting time to time. However, the progress seems stuck if you want to merge higher and higher level items. It should provide production increase in events, you get bored very soon if you spend too much time tapping and merging without unlocking any new item. Love a monster and want to unlock it to the highest level? You can’t. Without paying, you can’t.

  • Dear Đức, thank you for your love and support! We will continue to work hard to make the game better and bring you a better game experience

Hii, I’m having issues with the game again. It’s not downloading again since a good couple of days now. Yes I deleted the app, nd installed it again,but nothing changed. Its not just waste of time,but waste of money too, nd u don’t do anything to fix the issue. Its not the first time when I’m struggling after then u guys updated the game.

While I find it really fun, I’ve played for years, and I’ve made it very far, I have to say that there are some real problems with this game. Constantly crashing in the middle of levels and then having them reset fully sucks. I have NO crashing issues with *any* other game I play, just this one. The other issue is that this game is a HUGE micro transaction money grab. It can take months to make any actual progress without spending real money. There needs to be more balance and stability fixes.

  • Hello, thank you very much for your comment. Regarding the level problem you reported, you can send the relevant game video to our facebook account–Park of Monster, and we will verify your problem as soon as possible after receiving it. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Doesn’t work suddenly.. needs to download new resources and then gets stuck at 2/3… then if you close game you have to reinstall it because it doesn’t try to load anything and does the same thing every time

good except too sensitive at times. play competitions and you loose 1 of your monsters so makes it harder to collect things quickly

  • Dear players, if you encounter any problems in the game, you can send detailed questions to Facebook: Park of Monster, and we will verify your problems. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Good graphics and entertaining. Great game all round. Great for killing time!

  • Dear player, thank you very much for your support and love for our game, I wish you a happy game

Decent game, but overly hard The first few levels were easy, they got a little harder as you went on of course, but the last 10 or 20 levels are impossibly hard. If you don’t merge just right, you won’t have enough to continue, but it’s almost impossible to determine what you need to merge first. I reset one like 7 times and still couldn’t beat it. Really makes it not fun when you can’t actually beat the levels.

This game does reward pay to win, however the mechanics and leveling up of your own garden is structured in such a way where you never really feel it’s too much of a grind. The design is beautiful and makes you want to unlock more complex higher level monsters, buildings, plants etc…also can be therapeutic as it is almost like tending a garden.

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