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FiiO MusicNotice: Google Play has added restrictions on the application listing, which requires us to modify the way to obtain the application folders.

Therefore, installing the 3.1.1 version will clear the historical data of the old version, and you need to manually add the music folder.

FiiO Music app is designed exclusively for mobile phone DAC/amps. It’s a local player that is more suitable for audiophiles.
1.Supports raw DSD output. Enjoy native DSD on your Phone.
2.Supports playing Hi-Res music up to 384kHz/24bit and direct Hi-Res output.
3.Full audio format support – can play almost all the main-stream audio formats.
4.Supports HWA (LHDC) Bluetooth codec, which allows you to connect almost any Android phone to an LHDC enabled Bluetooth headphone to enjoy high quality music.
5.Supports playing all songs, playing by album (sorted by track no.), artist, genre, folder, custom playlist, etc.
6.Supports WiFi song transfer, making it easier for transferring your songs
7.Supports CUE sheet splitting.
8.Supports album art display and lyrics.
9.Supports last-position memory function.
10.Supports gapless track playback.
11.Supports replay gain.
12.Supports playing through folders.
More surprising features to be discovered!
If you have any questions of using this app or any suggestions, feel free to contact us using the below methods:
E-mail: support[at]
FiiO website:

FiiO Music user reviews :

This Fiio App is now my go to music app for my flac files. It has everything. You can create playlists, shuffle them or play them straight away. It has built in EQ with option to make your own. If you are fond of VU meters the album art can be replaced with it and it’s a tap away and back. If you have songs with lyrics, mine doesn’t, you can follow them as well. Great app! So fun to use. Highly recommended!

Really good music player. Only the animation is a bit slow. Sometimes I have to tap several times on “playing now” to activate the window to open up. It opens pretty slow almost every time. Think that could be easily fixed.

The only player I’ve found that supports MQA local files by purchasing a one time MQA decoder subscription. The rest of the player is quite great. I still prefer the HiBY player interface but this player is a close second with the MQA support. Also I like that it doesn’t resample (up or down) and just sends directly to my Questyle M15 DAC including DSD native support.

The app crashes when I try to register for an account. Also, the MQA registration closes the app completely.

I don’t know how you guys manage to destroy the app every single update. I guess at least isn’t crashing every five seconds. Skipping songs is incredibly sluggish and the app mixed the lyrics of the songs.

  • Please update the 3.1.1 which has fixed the crash.

On my Android phone this app keeps displaying “no file is found” error everytime I opened an m3u file. That same file opened without problems in other music player apps like HiBy’s, UAPP, Musicolet. So it’s not the file that is the problem. Kindly fix this please.

Well for a music app it’s pretty good dare I say better than Spotify, but I have one problem with its lyrics option, I can’t seem to manually find lyrics whenever I try to it shows a blank page

Really great music app in general besides a few bugs though I wish it had support for .OGG files so I don’t have to convert them every time to .FLAC or some other format it understands

Fiio X5 3rd gen player works ok with thus but think the player is restricted by its processor and internal memory issues which causes lockups and lag at times. Can not see new feature for fade in and out ? Where is it. Graeme Got a reply Thanks ! Cross fade setting Works !

  • Hi, Settings -> Crossfade

It has a lot of customizablility options and features that I haven’t seen in other music players. Though, I do have a couple gripes. It will often use the back cover over the front cover when trying to find the cover art, seemingly preferring whatever is ahead alphabetically, even when the images start with “front” or “back”, which seems like an easy fix. There is also the issue that it only shows part of the album titles, which is quite annoying with my library especially.

I downloaded this app out of curiosity since I have a Fiio M3K and I want to know if they have their own music app for mobile devices, and they have, to my surprise. I like it. It’s simple, intuitive and the UI is clean. And most of all, NO ADS. Thank you Fiio. Sound quality is dependent on the phone’s decoding chip so I can’t say anything on that, and I don’t use the equalizer. The only thing I hate is the popup at the top when I start the app, which covers the settings button.

This is the best music player I used. I can customize almost anything. I don’t think there is any audio format that this app doesn’t support. It also have in-app lock screen for quick navigation. It will run slow for first few time. Because the music, albums, artists lists need to be cached. But after days of use, it will run smoothly.

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