Find The Differences Secret – Find 5 clues in a limited time

[Game] Find The Differences Secret

Find The Differences Secret  Does she really love him? Or has she been in loved with other people?

There are 20 stories waiting for your participation. In these stories, you can experience the fun of finding clues.

Where players must find a set number of differences between two otherwise similar images.


Find 5 clues in a limited time!
20 stories to be resolved and continuous update!
Over 1000+ different and puzzles!
Use the hint option to provide a clue!
Full Color images!
Free to play!

1. Magic of the restaurant
2. Non-smoking girlfriend
3. She can’t cook
4. My lazy girlfriend
5. My girlfriend is a workaholic
6. On business alone
7. Sudden fitness girlfriend
8. Gone lover in birthday party
9. Drunk girlfriend

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Find The Differences Secret user reviews :

well the game is OK if you are looking for past time but the issue is the story is misleading, one level shows you at the beginning that your girlfriend is cheating but after you went on 10 levels and find the clues (which are mostly irrelevant) the final result will be projected as “do you believe her?” with the clues you have find, and thats it you are done. no end story no choices nothing. and another “story” will be presented which will be same as before, its rather annoying at the end than fun. UNINSTALLING.

  • Hi,Thanks for spending time to play our game. I have submitted it to the development team. We will check out and adjust it.And can you tell us more about your suggestions? Our email address is believe-her[at] forward to receiving your suggestions.

I didn’t realize when I downloaded it that it would be a bunch of… short stories (?) within levels connected only by the fact that they all happen to be centered around guys realizing their girlfriends are cheating on them through fun little spot the difference puzzles. It can become both hilarious and frustratingly confusing at times with quirky english and conflicting images on screen. My personal favorite is the stock character with the straight jacket.

I will say that i do not like the gameplay, graphics, or controls. The storys are very similer ( which i guess isn’t that bad) but the part i don’t like is the art Style, I’m fine with a cartoonish style but this is a bit to much especially to try to find certain objects. I hope you do get a bit better and these features in the near future.

i like it alot actually i love decifering tje clues and choosing who or what you this a the answer. but on the story of her past it dosent give you the answer in tne next chapter. and at level 10 it no longer lets you open or figure out the clues make the choice at the end of the chapter. please please fix this. not being able to do that makes it not fun.. and i have deleted and reinstalled it and same problem.

  • Dear user, you can update to the latest version(1.3.7) to solve the problem. If the problem still exist, you can provide your game version and phone model. We will submit to our development team immediately.Our email address is believe-her[at]

This is a really great game but there are a bit annoying bugs in it and the ad os a bit annoying but its a really fun game and every level get harder too so its also challenging!I really like this game so keep up the good work.

I dont know why but it keep automatically send me back to my home page, im at level “the wife gift” 3. I keep trying it again and again but still it wont play. if that’s a bug hope you can fix it, but if it’s just because my phone…any advice what I should do? anyway I’ll try it again later and if it’s finally letting me to play, then I’ll give bigger star. tysm

  • Hi, We are sorry to hear that you’ve had this issue. You can re-download and install to solve the problem. If the problem still exist, you can email our development team at believe-her[at]

It’s pretty fun if u have time to waste, and like to watch alot of ads, then this is for u if u like all that, and when u finish all the stories there is no more after that, so I guess I’m done with it, so(click) uninstall…..

I love this game so much like the other games that I played you would have to wait a long time to get to like the hidden park that they showed in commercials during another game that you’re playing but in this one find the difference or catch the cheater you don’t have to wait a long time to find the hidden person like who it was and it has good quality and you don’t hear static in the background so that’s good and did I say by I meant get because another thing this is free I for me I recommended

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