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[Game] Romance Love Story

Romance Love Story  Under the falling blossoms

Your story game, your love story, your own romance.
YOU decide what happens in each story.
Choose your story and let yourself be captivated by our immersive interactive series.

this app will bring a unique and fun twist to choose your own story adventures. you’ll love making choices in this interactive story game!

Plot Summary

An ordinary office worker as heroine whose hobby is cooking, accidentally captured an elite hard core office man’s heart!? A heart warming love story going on between some romantic office lunch hours!

Game Features

Choose your story and get caught up in our interactive series.
Dress up your avatar by choosing from a wide variety of sexy outfits.
Develop unique relationships with lovable and seductive characters.
Enjoy the dazzling graphics of both the characters and the backgrounds, which look like something out of a TV series.
You can change the clothes of yourself and her boyfriends …. so that you can enjoy it to your liking!
The game is free … but, if you pay a little, you can watch additional episodes of sweet joy with your lovely young boyfriend!
We offer you a subtitle feature, so you can enjoy it in two languages ​​at the same time! This will help you get used to it and to learn another language!

Recommended for those who like games like this!
Those who like the Boyfriend Romance game
Those who like the Otome Romance game.
Those who like the Otome dating game.
Those who like the Anime Otome love story game.
Those looking for offline games that don’t need the internet.

We are looking for friends to make visual novel and otome games together!
Is there anyone who can help us improve the quality of our game by lending a hand with translations?
please contact us at th email address given below.

Romance Love Story user reviews :

I’m not too far along in the game yet but I’ll review it because there aren’t any reviews yet. I like the storyline and I really like that you get to choose the appearance of some of the characters. There are ads in between each episode, but that’s normal for a game like this. When I put in my characters name, it made the entire name capitalized, but that was a minor issue, so it didn’t take away from the game at all. Overall I think this game deserves 5 stars but I’m not done yet!

the game looks promising, but still need lots of improvement to its translation.

Omg the English is soooo bad I have hard time to understand their conversation come on improve the language

The people in this story isn’t as cute as the other stories~ it’s so weird (please make the characters a bit more like the characters in would you sell your soul). Other then that this story is fine (I think even know I havent even finished the first chapter). Sorry but this story wasn’t as attractive.

This is a direct translation from Japanese to English by using screen translation, so the sentence structures and grammar aren’t right. It’s Japanese sentence structures but in English, I’m not sure of what they’re talking about My surname becomes my first name too~ However, I’m glad there are various diamond options so you don’t need spending so many diamonds for decent clothes

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