Lovely Hero – Live a romantic story with your favorite super hero

[Game] Lovely Hero

Lovely Hero  Superheroes are not the only ones that wear a mask.

Ayaka is 21 years old and very self-conscious about her scarred body, feeling she has no place anywhere.

She reinvents herself as “Nina”: a stylish, sophisticated, and successful girl, with great influence in social media. After spending years as a shut-in, she finally gathers courage to start university with her new identity, believing she will be able to have a normal life this way. But her negative thoughts won’t be the only villains she will have to face, because she meets a team of boys that also wear masks to hide their identities, but with a sightly different purpose…

Live a romantic story with your favorite super hero!

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From Visuki we create stories that can not only focus on romance, but also give warm messages to never give up.

We want you to be able to get something more than just a love story. We want you to be able to identify yourself with a protagonist who, despite the difficulties, can always find a way to move forward.

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Lovely Hero user reviews :

Old review was deleted so here a new one! Story is cliche and with the charicter including M/C is quite cringy like it was written and told by a primary 3 kid Art:10/10 Pay wall is insane! The fact the player needs to watch a ton of ads just to play the damn game past the intro is ridiculous! Over all cliche and cheesy stroke inducing story I like Jun and Hidachi though Spelling errors incomprehensible diolauge and writing somethings are creepy af I love it all Hightly recommend

Not a fan of the heroine’s attitude. She’s really rude towards the other characters and even forgets Ryu-Ryu, the “robot” who was stuck inside her purse for basically the entire night. She acts like she’s not the damsel in distress, only to go ahead and put herself in a damsel in distress situation anyway despite warnings. Reading the other reviews, it seems many players also thought the same about her. Not to mention that the dialogue changes into another language randomly while playing too.

A nice game with wonderful art. So far the storyline is good and the characters are likeable. My main gripe is with our MC. Her personality is well, not the best. I see the other reviews also agree with me and that she can be a bit rude and childish at times. It majorly affects the game since she is a big part of it and personally makes me feel disengaged at times with the game. There are a few grammatical errors but they are very minor ones. Overall, it’s not a bad game but could be improved.

It’s a good game. I love how the main protagonist actually wants to have powers and be a hero and not the damsel in distress. The ad system is great! It works so you can get money and so we players don’t have to get ads ever two seconds. I also like the lack of competitions and levels that other otome games have. However I got bored with it quickly. The story itself didn’t keep me interested nor did the other characters. There was grammatical errors all over as well. But still an amazing game!!!

So when I exit the app for a short while it makes me go back to the beginning and the cookies are gone… (Edit) Thank you developer for telling me :)) So here is an actual review… so the art is beautiful. But the MC sometimes seems a bit… Malicious? Like self-centered. The translation doesn’t make sense sometimes. That is not a big problem though!
  • Visuki
  • Oh you have to save the game before close the app. You can make it going to the menu ^^ and you can load from there then.

So far I am loving it! The art style is pretty, the boys are amazing and the MC is so like me! (I love her ) What I like most is that you don’t need to pay at all, unless if you want to show your support which you should because this is awesome! There are some writing mistakes I’ve encountered like the text turning spanish but it doesn’t affect anything, just distracts me. Anyway this was really good keep up the great work

Firstly, this game is amazing in the way that it’s not a money grab or anything. You can read a thousand likes of text and only need to watch one ad. This is true for all the developers games, which are all great. It doesn’t done ads in your face either, as you can choose to watch an ad. Second, it’s just a great game and story, and the art is beautiful. It’s great and I can’t wait for the next chapter! Great job devs!

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