Fire Hero 2D – Get ready and charge up your alien shooter

[Game] Fire Hero 2D – Space Shooter

Fire Hero 2D Hey! Are you sleeping or what? The galaxy is being attacked! We need you! Get ready and charge up your alien shooter!

We have a plan.

You’ll see a brick wall. There will be numbers on the bricks.

Fire out balls from your shooter. The balls weaken the siege. But be a deliberate brick breaker.

Destroy as many blocks as you can!

Don’t forget that you can boost your ball crusher. We’ll help you with this.

If you help us to protect the space and be a good bubble shooter, we’ll give you the galaxy shooter.

Download our bricks ball crusher game! Choose and upgrade your spaceship! Count bricks and balls! Test your speed! Shoot ’em all! Become the best space team defeating the galaxy attack!


New version of fire games with new challenges
One-handed operation of your space shooter
Different from other space ship games cool boosters
Endless gameplay for you to enjoy the galaxy attack space shooter experience
Go far as you can
Test your skills in space shooter games
Greatly addictive type of ball games joined to space games

So, what are you waiting for? Join Fire Hero 2 and attack the galaxy in a space shooter game.

Fire Hero 2D user reviews :

With the most recent update the game is not playable. Bullets that now max at a 20% buff won’t even let you pass the first row of green blocks on a level. I already have highest level ships and upgraded each skill to 10+ and still not able to destroy a single bock. Go back to the old format the new one is not possible to play. Before update the game was quite fun to pass time.

  • We are very sorry that you didn’t like our game :( We are trying to improve our game and make it more enjoyable for you. Perhaps you will give the game another chance?

I really love this game, but like what someone else said it’s basically unplayable now with the new update. I don’t even understand why you’d want to go back on such a massive update with the new trails and bullets. The only issues I had with that update was I had to die multiple times in order for the upgrades to take place. Like it gradually got more powerful with each death. Now I can’t break the first row with bullets. I want to keep playing, but it’d be way better on the previous update.

This game is really fun and amazing but some of the bullets that boost your need to be upgraded. Im talking about the bullet section in the ships place. That place doesn’t make any sense that bullets are in there. I feel like after getting all of them you get the chance to upgrade them but the cost is doubled (maybe even tripled) for more damage. Overall this is a good game.

  • Hi! We are sorry for that. We are now doing our best to improve our game. We hope that you’ll like our game to the best in future. Please keep up with the updates!

There are pros and cons. The game is a great time killer and the gameplay is simple and fun. The ads are a bit annoying but you still have the option for ad rewards even after purchasing no ads. I liked that feature at first, but once you get to around level 25, you still need to watch an ad to make progress with your firepower. The game would be better if you could also level up the starting level of your additional damage types, instead of just leveling the damage modifier.

  • Sorry to hear about that problem. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Thank you for your feedback!

Good game and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. The only caveat to my enjoyment is the lack of any kind of guide or key explaining what each of the the power ups do. Some are obvious, but others have no obviously discernable effect. Some kind of guide explaining this would be incredibly helpful. Otherwise, it’s a great game to waste some time in. Yes, there are ads. There are quite a few ads. The saving grace is the forced ads are usually around just 10 seconds or so so they’re not a big deal.

  • Hello! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we thank you for patience and understanding!

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