Spicy Piggy – Set a world beating time

[Game] Spicy Piggy

Spicy PiggyCan you handle your chili?

Blast passed hardcore enemies, tackle tricky platforms, be the chili eating contest victor!

In Spicy Piggy, set a world beating time and test your reactions while literally on fire. Succeed and you will be rewarded with some refreshing Cool-Aid.


One button play, easy to do, difficult to master.
Exciting worlds containing Killer Robots, Terrifying Trees and Sadistic Soft Toys.
Fast paced gameplay requiring ninja pig reactions
Time Trials, become the worlds best on this global stage.
Loads of challenging levels.
The hardest platformer EVER!

Spicy Piggy user reviews :

Love this game so far. It has a lot of challenge, and gives you lots to do with each level having 3 different objectives (complete the level, finish it in a tight time limit, collect a certain number of peppers). It feels and looks cool when you use the fiery moves, like dashing forward and leaving a trail of flame or barfing lava at your enemies. If you like platformers or hard games, definitely get this one. Bug- DD 5: Leap on the  wall where the 2 paths converge+fire backwards to copy pepers

Not a bad running game. decent controls, good challenge, but it has a pretty obnoxious expectation of perfection from players, with a certain level from world 2 being luck based, frame perfect and nigh unbeatable. thankfully you can skip levels and worlds with enough stars, but I play games for Fun, not Frustration. Still recommended, though.

I just wanna tell you how freaking good this game is! It’s kinda like ‘getting over it’ but actually fun. As in, it can be frustrating at times, but it’s challenging in a very fun way, and I also have a great time figuring out how to overcome various obstacles! And when you finally beat a level, it’s so worth it! It’s very rare for me to feel good about myself when doing things. I suffer from a really low self esteem, but this game motivates me to do better! So yeah. It’s a great game!

please add more interactive controls! more often than not, hitting buttons doesnt work. especially inba fast paced action game , thisbgets frustrating if sliding could be performed with a swipe down, I could see this game being much more interactive given its fast paced. unfortunately, the only option right now is to hit a button which doesnt work too well

It was alright. Visually amazing, but the controls and game mechanics were really poor which sucks cause the gameplay hinges on them working consistently, but they don’t. Many times I’d barely tap too late and didn’t jump even though it looked like I was still on ground. The mechanic of sliding to generate speed and change jumps had many moments when nothing happened and the jumps I did manage all seemed different. The fire shot backward sometime when walljumping even though I was facing forward

This is a jewel, in play store. Only game that attempt to give players the thrill of SPEEDRUN in gameplay. but few things to complain and so reducing one to grab attention of the developers. 1. buttons are often unresponsive, at least in terms of the responsiveness demanded for this gameplay. 2. button placement in terms of screen need to be customizable. ENJOYING THOROUGHLY even with the flaws. THANKS

This is a five star game – with gamepad. Everything about this game is fantastic but can’t be fully realized without a proper way of providing input. I would encourage Nitrome to explore other options like swipe controls or a simplified interface.

Fantastic game, levels are built so that you can blast through them as fast as possible with simple yet satisfying controls. Recommend it both as a extremely challenging platformer, and a exhilarating speedruning experience at the palm of your hand.

Really fun and challenging platformer with great art and music. The attention to detail everywhere is fantastic.

Great platfomer reminds me of the old school sonic games in some ways, though looks like they forgot to update the playstore page since the beta. There are actually 3 (very faint) buttons.

GREAT GAME! i rate it 7/10. The only downside is you can’t Collect all jalapenos all in one run if you missed it since you can’t run backwards. But overall this game Is fast-paced and Colorful

It was good but the controls need a bit more explanation in a safe level and the down arrow button could be moved under the up arrow

Very very neat game!! Its similar to Mario and Sonic!! Yeah like i heard its pretty difficult,but believe me,dont pass it up!! Its so much fun!!

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