Firstborn – Return your kingdom to its former glory

[Game] Firstborn – Kingdom Come changed to Iron Throne

Firstborn  Arise and take your right place on the Firstborn throne!

Return your kingdom to its former glory by growing its armies and lands. Choose heroes that will lead your armies to victory in battles against countless players across the globe.

Gather your friends to form unstoppable Alliances in the most immersive MMO Real-Time Strategy game on mobile!

A fully-realized world for players to conquer, beautifully-crafted in full 3D graphics!

Build, strategize, and form Alliances to battle against millions of players around the world.

Carefully choose unique Heroes to Level up and provide equipment to maximize the potential of your Castle and armies.

Forge, customize, and level up your heroes as you gain huge advantages over opposing kingdom

Experience two different stories- strategically position your troops to battle the vile horde in Dimensional Battles, then traverse through your township to take on exciting quests and defeat nefarious monsters for massive rewards!

Product Information & Usage Details
Minimum Specifications: CPU Quad core 1.2GHz, Ram 1GB

This app can be played on tablet devices.

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Firstborn user reviews :

Another thing is why is there a limit on resources i can give to another player in my alliance makes no sense should be unlimited since the are my teammates. Shouldnt be a cap on how much i give thats for me to decide. Not the game to decide. The should be a bazzar or trading out post where i can sell unused gear and i should be able to give my unused gear to a teammate cause thats what they used to do back in those days. Not make me have to hold to that stuff or sell it for silver
  • Netmarble
  • We hold your input on very high regard, as this information will definitely help us improve the service experience for you, and other players alike. Thank you for taking the time to reach out, and we hope you look forward to our future developments!
this is a great game the graphs are cool the pvp events are fun. pvp = player verses player. pay to play. p2p. play for free. p4f. this game has both you can play for free but it is slow growing, however with-in the game there are ways to grow and play and have fun. It is important to find a good alliance where you like the players because half the game is player verses player once you find a great alliance get involved chat, help and this way you will grow faster, ..NetMarble does a good job.
  • Netmarble
  • Thank you for taking time to send us your review! We are very thankful that you hold us on such high regard. You may join us over at our community where you can meet other people who play our game. We hope to see you around!
If your looking for a fun to play game this is it! So much to do, events give good rss as rewards, growth is consistent without paying but the packs are reasonably priced to. Sometimes you get a few free packs and players appreciate those very much!
  • Netmarble
  • Thanks for your wonderful feedback! We aim to provide you with the best gaming experience so why don’t you share more of your suggestions and opinions? You can join the Iron Throne Official Community at so you can discuss anything about the game with other players.

Great strategy game, I love how there’s alot of animation, different areas to play in and the ethetics. Also can get alot of free stuff and it’s actually the good stuff. Alot of people seem to be saying that this game is like most games, but really if you’ve played as many strategy games as I have, I can tell you this game does have a little of everything plus a little more in terms of the places to conquer, and a ton of animated scenes. Good luck finding a strategy game that has good animation combined with a unique and great story.

The game is wonderfull has alot of things most games dont have .Graphics are supperb game play brilliant i recommend this game to everyone despite what others have said give the game a chance itl supprise you i rate 10/10 **** the 6…
  • Netmarble Games
  • Thank you for the high ratings, Jayy! We’re glad to hear that you find Firstborn’s graphics and gameplay brilliant. We hope you continue on playing our game as we bring you more exciting features and events. You can also visit our official forum page through this link: for the latest news in Firstborn.

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