Fish Paradise – Design your own Unique Underwater Reef

[Game] Fish Paradise – Idle Aquarium

Fish Paradise  Fish Paradise is a unique blend of aquarium simulation, decoration, social chat and gifting with your friends.

Design your own Unique Underwater Reef
Hundreds of corals, plants, structures and decorations to choose from and design a masterpiece.

Raise and Feed Beautiful Fish
Clown Fish, Guppy, Koi Fish, Angler Fish, Betta Fish, Triggerfish, and more …

Discover Sea Creatures
Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Jellyfish, Crabs, Lobster, Octopus and more …

Find Exotic Breeds
Clown Fish + Blue Hippo Tang = ?

Play with Friends
Make new friends from an ever growing community. Visit their reefs, feed their fish, send them gifts and share messages together.

Social Features
Chat with other players in our active community chat, send inbox messages and form player groups with your friends.

Fish Paradise is Free to Play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. We include a child-safe mode to disable In-App Purchases.

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Fish Paradise user reviews :

This game was great, awesome artwork and the fish were really pretty. My only problem was that when I switched phones I tried to get back my account by logging into Facebook, it would say “fatal error” and crash the game. I have to start over which was really frustrating because I was on level 47. Maybe there was something I missed? Great game overall.
  • Orca Studios
  • Please contact us on support[at] we will help you get your profile back.

Just wish more to do then stare at screen and wait to feed the fish..maybe give extra fish tank to pretend to kill stuff and another tank to pretend we diggen for stuff,or a tank to do some kind of mini games.

this game is amazing! its so much fun. one thing i want is for fish to be more hungery cause i like watching 25 of my fish just go to a ball of fish food its so satisfying. great game!

Since 9/24/2021 I can’t play this game anymore. Fish Paradise has stopped. My device Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Tab.2. Android version 4.1.2. Only for playing games. No Facebook, WhatsApp, ect.and not even SIM card. I used Home Internet, Wi-Fi only for all the games. I try reinstall twise but still the same result, cannot play !! Please help me, Orca. I want my game back. Thank you.

Adorable aquarium creatures! Easy to play, fun to watch, allows for some personal creativity! This one is a keeper!

I’ve been looking for a game like this for a good while. I used to play a similar one but it got discontinued. I really like it, it’s very relaxing and fun.

It’s a fun game and interesting mixing the different breeds of fish and seeing the outcome from that experiment? Wish me luck.

Cute game, colourful and easy. Have only had for a few days but it is. Everything I’m looking for. It does glitch out and close due to app error from time to time but nothing too intrusive

Just beginning and getting used to the game. Nice so far. Will do an update review after a month or so. Good job, devs.

I love the game good way to past some time. Do wish I could breed any kind of fish together but other then that it’s a great game.

Great fish game! I love that they don’t die when I forget to play for a few days. That is a must have!!

Pretty fun game. I play it cause it relaxing. Would nice if there were weekly diamond opportunutirs that players could get without being on Facebook

It’s ok. You need trophies for literally everything tho, and they’re very difficult to earn.

Takes to damed long to get anything done. Didnt used to be like this. Could progress and buy new tanks. I dont plsy this to compete but for rlaxation. You ruined it. Leave us a choice. Dont like it near as much.

This game is so much fun.But I must say that there are glitches. Orca is trying to fix them and they offer good service when you do have a problem

Get a new phone, not able to continue, have to reload new game, that sucks. Otherwise awesome game.
  • Orca Studios
  • Contact us on support[at] we can help get your profile back

Support teams are so excellent working,they solve problem quickly ,I am so appreciated.

This is the coolest fish game ever.i got hacked and imhaving to change everything i guess im having to start from beginning. But if i have to i will
  • Orca Studios
  • Hey Helen, contact ua on support[at] we will help you with your profile.

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