Fluffy Planet Saga – Step into a cute magical world of wonders

[Game] Fluffy Planet Saga

Fluffy Planet SagaEmbark on an eternal adventure alongside your friends in Fluffy Planet Saga – a 3D anime fantasy MMORPG. Step into a cute magical world of wonders and experience a fun, heartwarming journey like no other!

Reunite in the Same MMO World
Relive the cherished memories of the beloved RPG universe and dive into familiar adventures. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled audio-visual delight with stunning graphics and cute fairytale art style, adding a touch of charm to your adventures in this fun MMORPG!

Morph into Adorable Animals
Venture into a vast world of adventures to search for surprising treasures in picturesque scenes. Choose from four different kinds of Celestians, customize their looks, and embrace your fondness for adorable animals. Transform into cute fluffy animals whenever you like, experiencing the allure of both strength and cuteness in this adventure game!

Experience All Four Seasons with Friends
Bond with friends and create an extraordinary world together in this magical MMORPG! Embark on adventures with lovable friends, stand united against the forces of evil, and write your own legendary tale!

Call Up Your Friends to Play Party Games
Have a blast in Fluffy Planet Saga with thrilling party games like racing cars, conquering challenging mazes, and testing your wit and memory with friends. Challenge your friends in competitive mode to strive for victory and revel in the thrill of fierce rivalry in this fantasy RPG!

Enjoy a Cozy Farm Life
Water and harvest crops with ease, then trade in the market for bountiful returns. Become the most caring neighbor by sharing crops and helping your fellow neighbors feed their pets in this fun MMO. Let’s enjoy a peaceful farm life together!

Join us now in Fluffy Planet Saga and explore this adorable, enchanting mobile fantasy MMORPG, where incredible adventures and challenges await! Let this magical online game whisk you away to a world of fun and excitement!

Fluffy Planet Saga user reviews :

I love the game but I have 2 main issues/feedback to give. For the THIRD time now, when trying to select “Visit Community” after tapping on a friend’s icon, I have accidently tapped on “Guild Remove” and it just immediately removed them from the guild. Then they have to wait 3hrs before they can rejoin. Can there please be a confirm option added? It’s too easy to tap the wrong box. Also, the game’s dialogue and everything that pops up is soo fast and brief, I can’t even read anything.

  • Dear Pet Trainer, thanks for downloading Fluffy Planet Saga, we had forwarded the issue of uploading pictures to the team, also will make further adjustment upon the related system. If there is any other issue to be reported, please feel free to send a ticket to the support team by following the guidance: reurl.cc/Wv0777

as a new game, I find it pretty fun so far. today is my first day playing and i have run into one repeated issue so far.. at least 2 with different events i somehow was unable to leave, i could not open setting to use the “unstuck” option i am pretty sure i saw, closing and reopening the game seems to fix that and i do not believe i lost any rewards restarting game. i love the style of the characters.

  • Dear Pet Trainer, we’re sorry for the unexpected experiences, we’re investigting potential causes to the issue, please kindly submit the ticket to the Support Team should the issue persists, please refer: reurl.cc/Wv0777

Edit and updated review; they fixed the bug, the game itself is alright. Lots to do, but relies on bp, aka power, and that growth is small and limited so progress regularly gets halted. It at least has more functions than other types of it’s genre, including your own house and farm plots. The costumes and clothing has more variety as does hair styles. 3 stars, will review after I play longer, and update.

  • Dear Pet Trainer, we’re sorry for the unexpected experiences, whiel we are fixing the issue in tutorial, please kindly submit the ticket to the Support Team should the issue persists, please refer:  reurl.cc/Wv0777

5 star, but could you maybe fix the game’s hanging issue first? Then there aren’t nearly enough events in the game. Please include exp on mobs, even if it’s minimal, so that we can afk. After that, add a PK map for players who have already completed everything. If possible trade can be added on game feature, such as when a player equips items, etc. It will be inherently non-tradeable, and the mission prizes are randomized such that, for example, only 10% of them can be traded. To attract players

The game is good and fun the only problem is it keeps getting hung up fix the issue of getting hung up so i could play nice and smooth everytime i play when in loading theres a sudden hung up when reaching 69% it hungs up so i go back to reset the game again. I got the recommended specs for the game but why it hungs up? If this keeps coming up, ill rate your game to 1 star. Please fixed the darn hung up game. If only i could give a screen shot the games hung up for prof, but cannot.

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