Idle Moon Rabbit – The Guardian who opposes the darkness

[Game] Idle Moon Rabbit – AFK RPG

Idle Moon RabbitNon-stop farming with unique skill combinations!

Wipe out darkness with skills that look good and feel good!
Go on a journey to recover the Moonlight with Lyn the Moonrabbit!

Various skills with unique effects and impact never seen before in idle RPG!
Combine various skills and wipe out groups of monsters in one blow!
Power up your character and enjoy the thrill of combat! *Boom!* *Crash!*

Diverse weapons and powerful growth system!
Collect Moonrabbit’s wondrous Pestlezookas!
Leave it idle, and you can get the best weapon! Watch your damage skyrocket as you power up!

Let’s get stronger! See how your characters change as they become stronger!
Generous rewards that keep on coming and characters that evolve with the rewards!
Beautiful graphics!! Spectacular skill effects!! Cute characters!!
Get plenty of rewards! Become stronger in no time!

Epic boss battles!
Defeat the boss with your unmatched mechanical skills!
Dodge! Hit! Knockdown! And defeat the boss! Easy, right?

Story of Moonrabbit Lyn, the Guardian who opposes the darkness
Follow the story of Moonrabbit Lyn, the Guardian who lost the Moonlight to darkness!
Clear each chapter to advance the story and defeat powerful bosses with Lyn! Save the Moon together!

Minimum Specs
Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher
Android 7.0 or higher
CPU: 2.0GHz or higher
RAM: 4GB or higher
Storage Space: 1GB or higher

Access Permission Note
The game does not ask for app access permissions to provide the service.

How to Withdraw Access Permission
* Android 7.0 or higher:
– Withdraw by access permission: Device settings > Apps > More (Settings and Controls) > App settings > App permissions > Select the desired app permission > Agree to or withdraw from access permission
– Withdraw by app: Device settings > Apps > Select desired app > Select permission > Agree to or withdraw from access permission

Official Discord Channel:
Terms and Conditions:
Privacy Policy:
CS Inquiries: support_en[at]

Idle Moon Rabbit user reviews :

It’s an amazing game if you ignore the fact that you’d inevitably get stuck on some stages for like days or weeks. I wish it just didn’t suddenly ramped the difficulty so high in the consequent stages, cause I wanted to play this game to entertain myself when i get bored. I do get the logic that if it’s too easy then most people would likely get bored easily. Well, don’t take my thoughts too seriously. i really think it’s an amazing game and well-designed.

  • Hello, Guardian! This is GM Nia of Idle MoonRabbit: AFK RPG. Thank you for your review and feedback! We will forward your feedback to the dev team to make our game more enjoyable and satisfying to play. Thank you for taking time to play Idle MoonRabbit: AFK RPG!

Very cute art and intriguing worldbuilding. The actual game is not very good. Gives so many rewards constantly and is all about resource-gain for stat boosting – unsure what many of the resources actually do. The game wants you to feel like you’re getting a lot done when all that’s really happening is you’re holding down a “lvl up” button and claiming rewards. Doesn’t feel like an actual game and the UI is confusing. Unsure why I win some battles and lose others. The voice lines are non stop.

  • Hello, Guardian. This is GM Nia of Idle MoonRabbit: AFK RPG. We are sorry that we couldn’t give you a satisfying gameplay experience.We will take your feedback to heart and try our best to make the game better. Thank you.

My regrets are *auto play mode, means plays on its own even when I’m handling *updates: My point is the game can be updated after 3 months once cz downloading the new file n installing take some time and data consuming,here it makes me to avoid this game even I want to.Rather than this I don’t find anything else that disturbs. Thank you!! I’m feeling lullaby while hearing the song of the game.I love this game and always for this game

  • Hello, Guardian! This is GM Nia of Idle MoonRabbit: AFK RPG. Thank you for your suggestion! We will forward your suggestion to our dev team in order to make the game more enjoyable and satisfying to play.  Thank you for taking time to play Idle MoonRabbit: AFK RPG!

Hello, it’s been months since I’ve wanted to play the game. but i still can’t play it because now it keeps saying policy violation. is it because my phone is on custom rom and is rooted? do you have any solution to this 🥹 i badly want to play the game -edit i bought a new phonee this year and now i can finally Try this gamee!!! i love it. my ign ni Tashii

  • Hello, Erl Melchor. This is GM Nia of Idle MoonRabbit: AFK RPG. We wonder if you still experience game crashing problem. If so, could you please leave us the information of your server, device name, and operating system version? We will forward this issue to dev team in order to look into it. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s different than most but also similar in the auto battles. Love the gameplay and storyline. The characters are very interesting and I’m glad there are English subtitles when they are talking. As for the Japanese voice acting, so far not bad. I just started playing so my thoughts and opinions might change later on.

  • Hello, Guardian. This is GM Nia of Idle MoonRabbit. We are glad you like our story and English subtitles! We will do our best to provide you with a more satisfying game-play experience, so please stay tuned to our game! Thank you.

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