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[Game] Mortal Saga

Mortal SagaThe Sequel of Cultivation Novel

You were the village’s beacon of hope, setting foot in the Seven Mysteries Sect to master your skills, aiming to dispel darkness and bring light. But fate had its twist—caught in the punishing heaven lightning during your tribulation, you met your end. You reincarnate as a mortal to revenge, how will you turn the tide?

Pre-registration Rewards
In Mortal Saga, we send you 200x draws for free, log in to claim draws without any condition!
Pre-register/log in now to get Nangong Wan, your versatile companion in the Nascent Soul stage! With her AoE ability, you’ll breeze through every dungeon in the early game!

Top-notch oriental adventure
Brace yourselves for the ultimate adventure — the Mortal Saga mobile game is here! Dive into a world where characters from novels and anime spring to life in breathtaking detail! Build your dream team of protagonists, relive the iconic storyline, and hear your heroes up with their signature magic treasures.

10+ Maps for Free Exploration
10+ original maps to meet your expectation about immortal world! Surpass the limit by defeating powerful creatures. Whether you’re a laid-back collector or a fierce strategist, there’s a place for you here. Explore a boundless realm, conquer cross-server dungeons, and engage in thrilling PvP battles.

Mortal Saga user reviews :

I was kind of excited about this one. But turned into another auto grinder. Looks good visually but I don’t play idlers for a reason. I want to engage in the game. I want to PLAY a game. All fighting is mandatory auto. Once you’re out of the tutorial you can override it for a time. Honestly not worth it

  • Dear immortal, we will optimize the combat settings and strive to introduce more gameplay.

So far it’s been a decent game i am a sucker for cultivation games and this game has potential but It has its downsides like from what I can tell no Language translation for in game chat so hard to communicate with sect or people in general. The gane UI sometimes glitches and overlaps other thing for like a second but then goes back to being normal but can happen from time to time . Also the censorship in this game censored words that shouldn’t be censored. But yeah hopefully they fix it soon.

  • Dear immortal, thank you for your support. We will strive to improve the game. If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us. FB: :

Install n played for few days. Try to play awhile but as notice, the higher the levels be it will start costly to upgrade more n more either u need to spend real money or just be patience do. There are free gifts but not enough if u want be powerful to do the event quest main or sub quests. Some quest sub or main really abit tough to settle it. So the fun could be spoil coz need wait to go for next to do. Unsure will stay long in this app. Mybe will quit soon,nw just stay coz curious.

  • Dear Immortal, thank you for your support and feedback. We will work hard to launch more exciting gameplay and strive to bring you a better gaming experience.

This game is pretty fun, I wish a couple of the farming didn’t make me having to be in that screen instead of the map where I could still be exploring WHILE farming for materials for Pills and such

Are you kidding me right now, who keeps wanting a game that just plays itself, that’s insane. What’s the point?? You can literally just set your phone down and come back later and say, “Oh look, I won.” Seriously?? You don’t have to walk, you don’t have to fight, you don’t even have to read the story. Why bother, you don’t do anything, just sit back and watch the game play itself. Is that seriously what people want? Why? That’s so insane to me.

  • Dear immortal, thank you for your feedback. We will strive to optimize the game’s combat settings and introduce more fun gameplay, aiming to bring you a better experience.

good cultivation game. got a few flaws especially in party setup functions. has a potential to be a great game.

This game excellent graphic and enjoy the plot and fun for playing , develop again for future

it’s fun and doesn’t need much effort to gain exp. love it

wonderful, wonderful game. reminds me of early days. great job. cant wait to see what is next.

so far easy to play and understand the mechanics for free to play

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